Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Thank you and a bit more

THANK YOU to the friends who have emailed me about my last few blogs.

It's lovely to know it's being read, and what's even lovelier is that you care, despite the distance between (some) of us.

Life is up'n'down.

It's a journey, full of lots of little lessons. Maybe this is the gift of this Adventure - I still have a few to learn and now I have the time to learn them.

The objective of ms_havachat from the go-get was to blog about life as an expat. Bet most of you thought it would be upbeat, full of restaurant recommendations, holiday tips and shopping expeditions. Some expat blogs are! Mine will never be, it's just not me.

Mine will always be the raw truth, the good, the bad and the in between.

Even when i wrote 'life as an expat' I realise that I have boxed myself into this corner, given myself this label and in this environment it's come to bite me on the bum.

I've also come to think I'm a tad fickle, if thats the right word. This morning was a lovely morning. I invited a new friend from school over for a coffee and she accepted, saying she'd love to but not for long as she has to walk the dog. It was very impromptu. We chatted. We bonded over last nights panic about the kids surprise times table quiz, and continues to share about our kids (she has 3 kids, her youngest is in MissM's class).

She walks her dog twice a day and I boldly asked 'next time you go for a walk in the morning after drop off, if you'd like some company I'd be happy to walk with you' and she smiled and said, oh that sounds great, maybe one day next week.

My hairdresser said to me yesterday the biggest punishment his mum gave him was not taking away a toy, or banning TV, but grounding him! Taking him away from friends and the outside world was a fate worse than death. I laughed cos that's exactly what Mum did.

Maybe deep down I feel like I'm being punished for something cos my social life has been taken away from me, yet here I sit, blogging or on FB, reaching out to my social network, staying connected.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your support and friendship, it means the world to me.

With friendship

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