Thursday, 14 February 2013

It's been a long time between gigs

OK so you know I’m doing the London Moonwalk in May.

As part of the registration to walk, you are also agreeing to raise a minimum of £100.

We are a team, Winchester Wonder Women (don’t you love the name LC came up with for us?) and as such have decided to fundraise as a team. Don’t worry, as soon as we have created our page on the Moonwalk London official website I’ll post the link and be every so grateful for whatever amount you choose to sponsor me/us with.

For those who do not know me personally, I can be a little bit competitive, in a rather unassuming way (at least I hope it’s unassuming). After a lifetime in the competitive world of advertising sales, it’s second nature. I don’t mind loosing so long as I’ve given something my very best shot.

The opportunity to fundraise more than the £100 per person (as a team it’s £800) is something that simply had to be embraced. A well rounded grand would be amazing for this very worthwhile charity that touches so many of us in one way or another.

(While typing this the afternoon sun is beaming thru the kitchen window actually 
causing me to wince. How lovely is that?)

LC mentioned she was going to ask the school principal if she would mind ‘launching Winchester Wonder Women’ at assembly and asking for support. I suggested we take it one step further (yeah, yeah ssssshhhh!) and have a coffee/shopping morning to launch our quest.

We have two huge interconnecting hallways (I know, who needs two hallways, let alone huge, right?) and if we use the dining room as well we can fit 6-8 tables/vendors (tho they will have to supply their own tables).

The round table in the hall will be for morning tea, and there’s the kitchen too for chatting and mingling.

In a matter of hours, we’ve got a coffee/shopping morning being held at our place; already two lovely home based business’ have agreed to participate, one offering us a beautiful piece of Stella and Dot jewelry to raffle or auction and the other, My Secret Kitchen to kicking back a % of sales made on the morning.

CW has a friend who sells Osborne books which every mother loves; LC has a friend who’s an incredibly talented florist to invite along, as well as Phoenix Cards, good ol, Pampered Chef will be invited along (we all need one more piece of equipment for the kitchen), and my lovely generous friend JA has offered to bake cupcakes and pop them into those lovely white presentation boxes for sale and will donate 100% sales back to us.

LC suggested we have a laptop accessible for those people who want to sponsor us online which is a brilliant idea.

All the while my brain is whirring away, ideas popping in, concepts being thought thru and I realize, that it’s been over 12 months since I’ve been part of anything remotely like this. I miss being part of something, be it the school parents group, or an active social group. Even reading this you can tell how excited I am.

I do have to be very careful not to tread on toes as I know I can do; and I’m asking LC, team leader for guidance along the way while gnawing at the bit wanting this to be so successful in terms of fun and money raised that every base must be covered.

What about a raffle? For those people who don’t want to commit to an online sponsorship – OK we need a few raffle prizes. £2 for 5 tickets should work a treat on a Friday morning.

Moonwalk has official fundraising coin cups, and pins which we might purchase. Just think of the loose change in your wallet each week. Two months of collecting that will soon add up.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting on Naomi House to confirm my application to volunteer in the fundraising department (where else?) and know that the energy I am throwing into WWW coffee/shopping morning is in direct correlation to my need to (a) get my brain working again and (b) the delay in hearing from Naomi House.

At this point in time both need to be very wary of my enthusiasm,

With friendship

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