Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Last Thing We Need

The last thing an expat needs is uncertainty.

We have enough placed upon us every time our husbands contract is up for renewal. (I say husband because 99% of the time it's them who are working)

Will we stay?
Will we go?
Where will we go? ( Unlike some families, we still have the benefit of choice. Not sure if that's easier than being told where your next posting is like diplomats)
When do we leave?
When do you leave, and we follow?
What do we have time to sell? (Electricals are most always sold off)
What do we need to offload? (some companies stipulate the shipment allotment. We were just under ours when we moved from Japan, so it'll be very interesting to see how we fare the next move)
When do the packers come in?
When will we schedule our farewell party?
What do we take with us until the shipment arrives?
Where do we live between shipment being packed, flights out and finding a new home?
How long does the shipment take to arrive to our new destination?
Where is our new home?
What school is nearby?

The list goes on ...................

However, we all survive and are happy to repeat it every so often as new adventures bring a mixture of excitement and sadness of new friendships, new experiences about to happen, and old ones reinventing themselves into online friendships and the occassional visit depending on how far away you move. Expats know better than most people that the world really is a very small place.

The last thing an expat needs is an unnecessary move put upon them by landlords (Very loud sigh)

Ours have decided to sell our home, their house. (Very loud groan)

Hinton House. Two 5 bedrooms homes under one roof.
We are on the left, the owners on the right.

The sign went up at the bottom of the road this afternoon so it's no longer a secret between them and us. Lots of families drive past on their way to school so I'll have to have some answers ready by Monday.

We haven't told MissM yet cos there's nothing to tell her other than the house is up for sale. Now the sign is up we have no choice. This will result in either a lot of questions to which we have no answers or she'll just shrug not understanding the possible consequences.

The photographers are here on Monday to take lots of interior shots of our things in rooms. The photos will be plastered on real estate agents windows for all to see, and in brochures. Its an invasion of privacy (a slight exaggeration) and unwelcomed. If they want to sell the house they should put their stuff in it!
We'll miss the stunning kitchen and the wonderful outlook into the yard

We also have to be available for inspections. Knowing what that's like from the viewers perspective, it could happen at any time of day or early evening. The thought of having to keep things neat'n'tidy all the time is annoying.

The whole thing is simply annoying and the last thing we need.

I've rented most of my adult life, well all of it, bar two years when I was married the first time round. Guess i've been very lucky that this is only the second time I've had to move when it didn't suit me. The only other time G and I were renting and the owners asked us to move out so their newly married daughter could move in was a blessing as we wanted to move but didn't want to break our lease.

Our lease is til November, so we're trying to work out what happens if they sell before then. When we signed we did so knowing there was 5 years availability. Guess nothing's set in concrete.

As you've read, G is in the middle of contract negotiations and we have to play this one carefully as we might very well only have a years opportunity for a lease if he signs for 12 months. No one will want a tenant for less and we may not be in a position to need more. He could sign for 2 years, or none at all.

So, we have asked ourselves,

Will we stay?
Will we go?
Where will we go?
When would we leave?
When would the packers come in?
Where is our new home?
Do we have to change schools?

This is the last thing we need to have to concern ourselves with (insert loud groan, and sobs)

With friendship


  1. Oh dear, you really have all my sympathy. We had an awful time getting a rental because we were coming from overseas. and as you say nothing is set in concrete. I HATED having our house in NZ for sale even with just open home days, no appointments - it was nearly impossible to keep the house clean and tidy when trying to sort out a decade of belongings!!! but, as you know, sing out gloria gaynor's song I Will Survive and you'll feel a mite better. big hugs and hopes for a looong time on the market for you. And PS that house is HUGE

  2. I Will Survive is the expats theme song Margaret

    Yes, the house is huge! I laughed the entire first inspection. The ceilings are so high we have to have a man with a special ladder come change the light bulbs. We sit in practical darkness before calling him!

    It's a beautiful home and we are very lucky to have had the chance to live here. Who knows, next move could be a mud hut?