Friday, 8 March 2013

Creative inspiration needed

There are so many amazing looking blog sites that I've been thinking it's time to jazz mine up.

It doesn't reflect who I am, or what I write about at all, other than the cup of coffee which was a photo I took of a delicious home made coffee MrsH made for me one day in her apartment in Yokohama. We used it for the schools monthly coffee'n'chat (nice name, eh?) mornings.

I'm not entirely sure what ms_havachat should look like.

There needs to be women chatting,
There needs to be coffee.
There needs to be a suitcase or a packing box to represent the expat life we lead.
There needs to be an image of the_3_of_us as the blog is about us as a family navigating the ups'n'downs of being an expat family on another adventure.

No need to change the name, cos between us, it's near perfect.

My colours are the warm earthy tones, so I am really keen to loose the blue and green.
I quite like the font, what do you think?
There's enough information about me, and subscribing options.
I love having the means to check the stats on who's been reading and where they are from.

Love to hear any suggestions for improvement from you!

I am not very creative in terms of design, and I don't know how to recreate my home page without upsetting what's there, so hopefully G does.

He doesn't know it yet, but it's our new project.

Oh, and a HUGE hello and hug to my 9th subscriber. It was pure joy to see a second line appear on my followers section. Please please invite friends to subscribe. The more the merrier, so those of you who are stalking me, please create a fake name and subscribe. It'll be wonderful to have Oh, I don't know 100 followers one day LOL

With friendship

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  1. Hello Ms. Havachat. I am your ninth subscriber! I came up in your blog a couple of days ago and loved reading it. I am a new expat who moved from Canada to London six months ago. I have become obsessed with expat blogs and love to read about how others navigate life.
    Come by and visit me at my blog:

    Have a great weekend!