Friday, 12 April 2013

Fat clothes

As some of you may know I started walking with a few friends a few months ago.

As some of you may also know, I am not a sport person (never have been), nor do I exercises (tho have joined many gyms for goodness-why).

I discovered Curves in Dublin and loved it. Friends in Sydney had joined and I was truly amazed at how the were glowing - I asked them what drugs they were taking as I wanted some too. They confessed it wasn't drugs, but they had joined a new gym for women called Curves and loved it.  I thought if Curves can do that for them ...... I'm joining.

Fortunately there was one just down the road from where we lived and I did indeed enjoy the 30 minutes sessions there very much.

I joined Curves as soon as we landed in the UK but had to resign due to another frozen shoulder episode, plus I was paying for several months a year when I knew there was minimal chance of getting there - aka school holidays (in Dublin Mia was at Montessori that only closed Xmas and Easter)

The walking group sounded like a great way to bond with friends, get me out of the house, give my week some structure and who knows, maybe just maybe I'd start to loose a little bit of weight, which as a result of the above I have slowly but surely put on over the past few years.

Walking with friends was enjoyable tho the UK weather quickly put a stop to those of us less enthusiastic. I suppose an investment in 'proper' walking clothes was an option, but who knew how long I'd commit to this and the walking clothes would sit in a cupboard along with several really funky gym work out sets buried there.

Joining a gym was an option - no it wasn't. Joining fees, annual commitments, school holiday issues again. Just all too hard.

Instead I thought why not hire a walking machine for home?

No excuses at all then NOT to walk every day, even 20 minutes every day is better than nothing.

So we hired a walking machine (aka treadmill)

Friends teased me it would hold washing, or collect dust and i was determined to prove them wrong.

My jeans have been feeling ever looser these past few weeks so I washed them thinking the denim had stretched but NO, they are too big around my waist, bum and thighs.

I put on a top and OMG it's so loose and baggy it looks awful (didn't even feel like wearing it around the house as 'home clothes')

So, I am proud to say I am the owner of (a few) Fat Clothes.

I got on the walking machine today with more enthusiasm that I have for a while and pounded out 3 k's.

It's certainly not the same as walking along country roads in Hampshire, but it'll have to do until the weather improves.

Who knows, I might take up tennis. No, can't see that happening.

With friendship


  1. Good on you!!! Well done!!! Sadly I think I can give your fat clothes a home ;-)

  2. Oh Margaret - no. Your gorgeous :)
    My now fat clothes do not owe anyone anything. If I look back thru photo's I've had them a long, long time.
    Once you're truly settled, and the weather improves you'll be WALKING LOTS thru the wonderful streets and parks of London enjoying the sights and you'll have fat clothes too