Saturday, 11 May 2013

Day 1 of Great Craic with Great Friends


There's nothing quite like them. In my opinion, Pooh and Piglet are one of the most famous, and best role models for what true friendship is all about.

It was so good to HUG MrsS at Dublin airport, and see all of her, rather than from the waist up on Skype.

The conversation started the second we said HELLOOOOOOOO the way you do at airport arrival gates and didn't stop.

We caught the LUAS into Stephens Green and while the ears were listening, and the mouth was talking, the eyes were looking out the window at all the familiar things I haven't seen for 5 years. A potpourri of memories popped in and out of my mind, in between conversation.

We strolled up Grafton Street and were saddened by the number of vacant shops.

We had an OK lunch but OMG it was expensive.

We shopped - well MrsS shopped as her current home country is lacking in many basics, or like for us in Japan, the sizing, or design just doesn't work on a western figure.

Dinner Thursday night was with non IWCD friends. I met two of the girls at MissM's Montessori, one was our neighbour, and the other was my chiro. We laughed and talked and the interesting thing for me was there was a little bit of reminiscing but it was more the here'n'now, picking up on stuff that we've shared on FB, asking about our 'what's next' move (realised there's still a lot of friends who needs to start reading ms-havachat!)

MrsS and I got back to the apartment around midnight. Having been up since 4am, I was a very content, and very tired little Vegemite.

With friendship

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