Wednesday, 8 May 2013

This time tomorrow ...........

I'll be waiting at Dublin International Airport for MrsS to arrive so we can start our IWCD Reunion Weekend.

We chatted on Skype only a few days ago, so we will just continue chatting! The last time we were together she and her family stayed with us in Yokohama on their way to Sydney for Christmas.

We're planning on doing some shopping on Thursday - MrsS has a long list of things she needs to buy that she can't get at 'home'.  I'm simply tagging along and looking forward to revisiting my old stomping grounds like Dundrum, and maybe getting as far as Stillorgan (hoping the lovely clothes shop is still there), Blackrock has/had numerous independent boutiques (something the High Streets here lack) and more.

Thursday night I'm catching up with non-IWCD friends (so funny how one describes friendship groups when an expat. Did I used to define friends?) We're going to the Thai restaurant where G celebrated his 30th birthday! These women were our neighbours, my Montessori mums, even our Chiropractor is coming along, as is one of G's work colleagues.

Friday lunch time 20 IWCD ladies are meeting at Fern Tree Cafe, Avoca for lunch. This was one of my favourite places to shop and have lunch. It was also one of the places we took every visitor too as their Irish wool items are magnificent. There are now Avoca lavender products available in some shops in Sydney (not sure where else).

Friday night, we're back together at MrsB's home for drinks and light supper; some ladies will be going onto a charity night, while others like MrsS and I have opted to stay on at MrsB's and chat.

Saturday I'm spending with MrsD. Those of you in Sydney who shared in our belated wedding afternoon tea party will remember MrsD and her daughter surprising the ******* out of us by turning up on mums doorstep! ALL THE WAY FROM IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!! She and MrD and the kids popped down Easter 2012, and we always have a great time together.

Saturday night, a group of IWCD ladies are attending a Governors Ball, while others are going to hear an Irish band play. Guess which group I'm in?

Sunday MrsS and I will laze around the apartment, enjoy a late breakfast then get ready to say 'see ya' til next time and head home.

I am so blessed that 5 years on, these women are still part of my life. Some are on FB, while with others it's more of a pop in/out of each others lives, but no one has deleted an email address or unfriended the other.

While the IWCD Reunion has been taking shape, and ladies from all over the world who 'used to live in Dublin' have been contacted, we've learnt that several members have passed away, or are very ill.
Sadly, one of our longest standing members passed away yesterday afternoon after a short illness. The news was shared via a private FB group a past president started, and the memories of Anne's life are being shared by those who knew her very well, and those like me, who knew her for a very short while but always enjoyed her smile and conversation.

This IWCD Reunion weekend is all about FRIENDSHIP and the many forms it takes regardless of where we've come from, and where we go. I am truly honored to be part of this incredible group of expat women,

With Friendship

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