Monday, 13 May 2013

It's only taken nearly 9 years

MissM missed me this weekend.

Not only did she miss me, she told me on Wednesday night as I tucked her into bed that she would.

It's taken nearly 9 years for her to utter those words to  me.

She's always been a really happy, contented person.

As a bub, she was happy to hang out with her Nana, or with my brother and Co; she loved hanging out with her godfamily for an afternoon. As she got slightly older (remember, we left Sydney when she was two and a half), sleep overs became popular.

She never once screamed for me not to leave, or clung to my legs begging me to stay. Never once did we have to pick her up earlier than planned cos she was upset.

Mind you, when I did see toddlers doing these sorts of things I thought thank goodness MissM didn't, I couldn't cope!

Even her first day at Montessori in Dublin was a dodder for her. Off she went, with Miss Naomi, a perfect stranger, away from me, the only other person besides her father who she knew is all of Ireland, quite happily. I on the other hand was a complete mess!

I picked her up a few hours later and her only complaint was we had to leave and not return until the next day!

One day I took her to Montessori and ended up in hospital for 5 days. MissM was collected by MrsD, who has twins MissM's age. G was with me, and around 6pm went to collect MissM to take her home. NO. Not going to happen. She was having such fun at the D's house (and why not, 3 kids and a dog) that all G did was go home, pack her a bag and she stayed there til i got home.

Not wanting to worry her, I can't recall what G or MrsD told her, but she was fine.

A girls weekend in Prague with MrsS, nothing. More than happy to stay and have a daddy daughter weekend.

A quick trip to Sydney on my own, and MissM was a bit narky that she wasn't coming with me but that was it.

A weekend in Paris with Mum and Grandma Lil, no comment from MissM. Happy to sloth around the house with daddy.

But last Wednesday, she cried!

I'll miss you mummy so much even tho I know you're only gone for 3 nights.

I didn't realise I had waited for her to say those words to me. I fought back a smile and asked her why.

Cos you are always here with me, and daddy is at work. You know what's going on and how things are done. I'll miss you.

AH! So it's her routine that's been messed about. We went thru our Thursday and Friday routines with G just to confirm he knew what needed to be done and she agreed they'd be fine for a few days.

Still, once she'd calmed down and I walked out of her room, I waited til i got downstairs to HIGH-5 G and say 'I've waited nearly 9 years for her to say she'll miss me'

Then I cried.

MissM was going to miss me!

When I got home last night, she ran into my arms and didn't let go. She sat ON me watching TV, she sat ON me while eating dinner, but come bed time, G's company was requested as 'he doesn't get to put me to bed as often as you do mama'

What were your kids like when they were little? Did they mind being left with others?
When was the first time your kids said they'd miss you?
How did it make you feel?

With friendship


  1. Mine used to cry when I picked them up from creche because they didn't want to leave! and Ms E used to greet me with a scowl and some serious attitude because she had to leave her friends. Shades of teenagerhood?

  2. I can so relate to that! MissM would ask me, why do i have to go home? LOL