Saturday, 11 May 2013

Naughty Girls

Try something new.

Give it a go.

Step outside your comfort zone.

You'll never know until you try.

We did.

We failed.

MrsS and I accepted the invitation from MrsB to attend an Irish musicians concert this evening. He was a founding member of Hothouse Flowers.

So we tried something new but not that new cos we both enjoy Irish music.

We gave it a go.

We stepped outside our comfort zone but not that far, cos we've been to concerts before, and we have heard Irish music performed live.

OMG! By the end of the first number, which was incredibly long and monotone and depressing and sung in Irish we looked at each other and with that WT? expression.

By the end of the second or third number, which were also incredibly long, and depressing and sung in Irish we were looking at each other with boggle eyes, and whispering to each other like naughty school girls.

Half way thru the first act, we were suppressing giggles so much we were crying with laughter. I was burying my head in my coat similar  to doing the same into a pillow to suppress screams. Now we know how bored children feel - you can't keep still when you're this bored. You can't stay quiet when you're this bored. You just can't. Somehow the world needs to know you are bored. You know you shouldn't be acting up. You know you are being disrespectful. But you just can't help it. You are so bored you have to do something anything to entertain yourself or you'll go bonkers.

We didn't leave as we thought that would have been rude to the people we went with. PLUS, it could have got better! We'd not want to miss out on that!

Where was the knee slapping, toe tapping gigs? No River Dance going on tonight.

This guy clearly needed some happy pills. Or at least the audience should have been given some.

All jokes aside, he is an extremely talented and obviously a very gifted musician, playing no less than 7 instruments. His voice was incredible tho at times it felt like someone should simply put him, or us out of our misery. His guttural tones at times were akin to Throat Singing.

At other times he reminded me of MissM when she makes up never ending silly word songs just for the sake of it and I plead with her to please stop singing the same words over and over and over. MrsS said her eldest son B, and MissM, together with our star performer should get together and make 'music'

THEN he started to teach the audience to harmonize with odd results. The Irish can sing! It was like being in a Baptist Church on a Sunday, but we were in a concert hall on a Saturday night. It was really odd.

We really must apologise to the people around us. We were very naughty!

One of the ladies in our group sitting next to me was doing so well, but eventually succumbed to the Dark Side and lost it. She laughed so hard, I gave her a tissue for her tears. She then started texting, and clearing up her messages on her mobile. MrsA, a tall, strong, formidable German lady took one look at the three of us, and lost it! She laughed and laughed. MrsS and I started to giggle even more when we saw MrsA trying to behave herself in front of her husband and good friend MrsB who was clearly enjoying the show.

MrsB is learned in Irish culture and LOVED IT. She explained that THIS is Irish music - the real deal, the pain and anguish, the suffering, and that the toe tappin' knee slappin' is the newer modern music. It's the music she remembers from her college and university years. She also speaks fluent Irish which helps.

For MrsS and I it was a huge lesson in compassion for our husbands who we make from time to time 'try something new, you might like it'. We will never (tho never is a very long time) make our husbands sit thru a concert or performance they don't want to again (tho in reality that's probably not going to happen) tho we agree we'll be much more sensitive to their interests.

The Pavillion was full to capacity, so some people must have enjoyed it.

Sadly we didn't tho the craic was great. Neither MrsS or I can remember the last time we laughed til we cried.

PS: we will not publicly share who we saw in concert as this is purely our opinion and clearly we don't know what we are talking about when it comes to traditional Irish music

(Co written with MrsS)

With friendship

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