Saturday, 1 June 2013

What a week!

What a week!


G and I have been to Barcelona.

MIL and FIL and MissM had a great few days on the Isle of Wight.

We gave written notice to moving to our landlord.

While I was sitting outside in the sunshine chatting with MIL, G told MissM we're moving onto our 4th Adventure.

She's over the moon!

She can't wait to tell her friends.

She came running outside and said to me 'isn't it great news mama' and I had to ask what as I didn't realise G had told her.

Now MissM knows, it's time to share our news with you too :)

For our 4th Adventure we will be returning to Dublin, Ireland.

It does feel peculiar returning 'home' which in many ways it does feel like. We've still friends there, and my reunion with IWCD friends was delightful, that there are few unknowns about the destination. Of course, being gone 5 years means things have changed, but we'll deal with that.

The one thing we must be aware of is NOT compare things to 'when we lived here before' as that will become very annoying to everyone.

My expat experience will kick off the day I rejoin the IWCD, MissM will be going to a school that has an expat community (we're still to make a choice, but both schools we are considering attract expats and locals), I can make a chiro appointment to coincide with the unpacking, and my hairdresser is still there!

We are anticipating the easiest move yet - no major shipment but rather a big truck, no waiting for months for the shipment to arrive but rather a quick trip on a ferry then a couple of hours drive, there's nothing to sell as everything, even our electricals come with us. We've even taking the car/s with us!

So, as the Irish say,

With friendship

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