Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Phase 5: Haven't Left Yet, but Unpacking Already

Ever been so organised than you feel twitchy thinking there must be s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g to do but you can't think what so you start inventing chores?

There's a lot of firsts with this move:

Driving ourselves to our new home - no international long haul flights to contend with
Shipment going by truck not sea
Receiving our things within days not months
Not limited to 20 kilos on the plane
A feeling of contentment as we pack'n'go
Friends waiting at the other end

As we are driving up, we thought we'd pack a few things in the car.

So far there's 4 suitcases, 5 shopping bags (including 2 huge ones from Costco + their freezer bag), a picnic backpack, and two doona/duvet covers, hence the image accompanying this chat.

The reason there is so much is that we were (see, past tense already!) moving straight into the house; so we thought take the pantry foods with us (hate the thought of throwing stuff away and it's not like in Japan when people willing accepted our left overs at Sayonara time), and some clothes/shoes etc (maybe reduce the number of wardrobe boxes thereby helping reduce the 9 cubic metres we're over in our allowance)

I also packed crockery, cutlery, a few basic cooking utensils, chopping board, sharp knife etc so that we could do some cooking/eating; as well as 3 bath towels and 2 sets of sheets (the landlord was leaving mattresses for us) rather than buying this stuff as we usually do while waiting for shipment to arrive.

So now I'm quietly freaking out that we won't have room in the car! The packers can help load the car on Thursday before the truck pulls out in case things don't fit.

Then G's phoned to say there's no family hotel rooms available this weekend cos of the Dublin Horse Show so we're staying at the Radisson St Helens again (we spent our first night last time we landed there) all tucked up in a king size bed, for the weekend.

After much texting with G (who's in Dublin, of course) I've decided to UNpack before REpacking and hopefully loose some stuff from the cases back to the general pack. Clothes wise we're on a weeks' holiday in Dublin ..... rather than trying to pack our entire wardrobes.

G's just texted AGAIN and we're not moving into the house until Thursday week, and our stuff won't arrive sometime the following week, leaving 5 days at the very least until I'm unpacking boxes and we've all our stuff.

Funnily enough, not having stuff for months is somehow easier to accept. A week or so is simply inconvenient. We've decided to eat out each night, just like we're on holidays! So some of the crockery etc can go back into cupboards for general packing.

When did I become so accommodating??????????????????

For now, todays our last day at Hinton House .... tonight it's the local hotel; tomorrow and Thursday packers, G's back Friday, drive to ferry Saturday, arrive Dublin Saturday night. Hotel til Wednesday next week; move into new house Thursday .... wait for stuff to arrive before school starts the following week.

And to top it all off, before we've even arrived, we know we'll be leaving Dublin and moving to another adventure.

Wonder how many more moves I have left in me?

With friendship

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