Wednesday, 14 August 2013

So Over Phase 5

We all know the shortest length is a straight line.

Making detours, taking supposed short-cuts etc is never the easiest, quickest or best way.

So, when we were moving our aim, which we achieved well in time, was to have our stuff packed and delivered 'door to door' or Point A to Point B.

As you know, we were packed up last Wednesday and Thursday aka a week ago today. We are able to get the keys to the house tomorrow (earliest time frame which we knew and worked with) so packed enough clothes to last.

Only yesterday was it confirmed that our stuff will be delievered NEXT Thursday and 'we hope this meets your approval'

I emailed back how happy I was to hear from them, but that no, next Thursday does not meet with our approval as we are under the impression it was a door to door delivery and TOMORROW the door is open'

Seems our stuff hasn't even left the UK warehouse.

  1. Door to door apparently means the following maze of labour and trucks.
  2. Pack'n'ship from Winchester to London warehouse Wed/Thu.
  3. Unload into London warehouse.
  4. Pick up and truck from London warehouse to Dublin via ferry.
  5. Unload into Dublin warehouse.
  6. Pack up and truck from Dublin warehouse to us THURSDAY next week.

What ever happened to door to door????????

Pick up in Winchester, drive to the ferry, arrive in Dublin, deliver to our house???????

Isn't THAT door to door.

We have managed for months in previous moves which didn't bother us because we knew it was going to be months. If we'd knows this was going to be two weeks, we'd have packed accordingly and arranged alternative accommodation and started the lease two weeks later.

Between Dublin and Sydney we spent several weeks in a serviced apartment in Sydney and when we arrived in Dublin we had 3 weeks in the house with basic things. We spent a small fortune buying bit's'b'bobs and ended up with doubles of the silliest of items (coffee mugs, kettle, sheets, towels, crockery set)

In Japan we rented, (the company 'we' not us we) furniture and appliances and crockery etc until our stuff arrived from Dublin. When our stuff arrived, the rented stuff was returned.

In the UK, we were in a serviced apartment right up til the day the shipment arrived. We got the keys to the house the day before the delivery, and stayed in the apartment an extra couple nights until the house was sorted.

We'd expected to stay in the hotel until maybe Monday .... now we'll be there a week before anything arrives.

I sincerely hope that Phase 5 is finished with very soon as I'm totally over it - what should have been a quick and easy move has turned into a squiggle of lines and taking twice as long as necessary.

With friendship

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