Monday, 7 October 2013

Slowing Down

It's not that there's nothing to write about, it's just that life has taken on a normal-ness to it that sometimes leaves me feeling like if I chat with you, it's more ego than anything else. Me, thinking not out-loud, but rather in words, for you to ponder and hopefully respond to (tho there's been very few comments lately, sad to say)

We're slowing down, but in a good way.

We all have our routines and are happy. We have become normal again!

MissM's at school while G's at work and I've enough to keep me out of trouble.

MissM school days are challenging and fun. She's really enjoying her singing, drama and ballet; has been invited to join the choir; Irish and French are coming along nicely thanks to catch-up classes at lunchtime and after school; even homework is improving week by week.

MissM's been invited to another birthday party, and she's had a couple of new friends over for afternoon tea/play, as well as hanging out with 'old' friends.

She loves our two sitters, MissE and MissC and they seem to enjoy her company which is awesome as it allows G & I to go out. We've had a couple of date nights, and been out with friends for dinner.

I'm nearly back to my old self.

Knowing the IWCD is there, with friends and activities is a huge support. While the Club doesn't seem as busy as it was 'before', just knowing it's there, and there's a few things to do each month is enough.

School is friendly and welcoming. I guess cos we've been here before my expectations were more realistic than when we arrived in Winchester (another chat, another time). We have to pick up the kids from the classroom, or their after school activity, so you see the same mums (some dads) every day. Some work, some don't; some are locals, others are expats .... but it's easy and there's chattering and smiles.

The PTA and EAL hosted a coffee morning last week for International Parents. It was well enough attended, and everyone was chatty. I've told the Class Liason that I'm happy to volunteer when needed.

We've all joined the local gym/leisure centre. I'm try to get there every day to do 'something' - the Zumba class is great fun, and the stretch'n'relax is divine! There's a combat class akin to boxing I did in Japan, but I need to be a lot fitter than I am - but it's a short term goal to get to a class within the next 6 weeks.

MissM's starting swimming lessons this weekend and G will swim laps or join me on the treadmill. We're all on a mission to get fitter, and loose weight.

G bought tickets to watch the Wallabies (Australian rugby team) play Ireland; we're off to Budapest to visit with friends over mid term .... so, we're slowing down into a normal groove which is brilliant.

Our B&B bookings are starting to come in too which is great fun! B&E are booked to visit in November; MissJ and a friend are here early December for a week; a few friends have asked what we're doing over the Xmas/NY break and mid terms in early 2014 so whether we go 'there' or they come 'here' it'll be fun.

It's now that being an expat is something we 'do' rather than 'who we are'.

It no longer defines us.

We have made friends and fit in and are welcome.

So with that comes a huge sense of relief which allows you to slow down, to take stock and review and reconnect.

Hope you're able to slow down too from time to time and acknowledge how good life can be when everythings working well,

Guess we need the lows to appreciate the highs,

With friendship


  1. What a world of difference for you! I am SO pleased that your whole family seems so much happier. You really loved Japan and now Ireland, so two outta three aint bad, as the song says! Hmmmm sounds like we'd better get our summer bookings in with you soon.

    1. Two outta three ain't bad indeed :) Again, hindsight is a good thing and I'm slowly working out what/why things weren't as 'good' in UK but that's another blog xo