Thursday, 7 November 2013

Day 2 - MissM's Homework Routine Needs A 'Next Idea'

MissM thinks her homework idea needs a 'next idea cos this one didn't work very well'

You'll recall from yesterday's chat that MissM welcomed the responsibility of being in charge of her homework routine. She opted to work over dinner, and wake early this morning to finish.

It's already black in the mornings in Dublin. Waking at 6.30am is really difficult as it looks and feels like the middle of the night. On a rainy morning, we can be driving to school at 8am in the pitch black, full headlights on.

So this morning wasn't raining, but it was dark.

We came downstairs, I started cooking breakfast and making her lunch while she got her maths out and started to work. I was really impressed she didn't need reminding or coaxing.

She had to stop while she ate breakfast, then I suggested she get ready for school quickly and if there was time, she could come back to the maths. She started to argue, and I quietly reminded her that she agreed to do her homework while breakfast was ready - then eat and get dressed for school, THEN and only then could she return to homework otherwise if she sat and did her homework, she'd risk going to school at 8am in her pj's.

On the way to school she asked if she could turn the radio off and talk.

Mummy, homework isn't working. I need a next idea.

Her next idea, was to try to do all her homework before bed, and keep a little bit left over for the mornings to do with Daddy.

I have a feeling that her desire to get up early and work has more to do with spending a little bit of quiet time with G than actually wanting to do her homework at 6am - but that's another chat, and a conversation G and I will have this weekend.

Day 2, MissM ignored suggestions to start homework (I know, I said I'd leave her be, but I can't help myself ... time marches on!) I even reminded her that G would be home earlier than usual and it wold be way more fun to have homework done and be able to spend time with him. She still didn't get going til after 6pm just as G walked thru the front door (very early as he came directly from a conference)

Poor MissM KNEW he'd be home early and still didn't act.

However, they sat at the table together, and she did her homework.

Dinner was ready so homework was put away. When she realized how much she's still left to do she started to worry ........ making G promise to get her up, not just wake her, but make sure she's up at 6am to finish so she doesn't have to go to school in her pjs

At bedtime she said I don't have a next idea yet, but I'm working on one. Lucky I don't have homework on Fridays.

My heart is breaking.

My jaw is sore from being clenched shut.

I want to say do your homework at 5pm like you were doing - it worked so much better! But I guess she has to work it out herself as we've started on this journey. Maybe she will end up back where she started from last term, or maybe she'll work out another routine that suits her. Only time will tell.

If you think she's relieved there's no homework tomorrow, you can only imagine how I am feeling.

With friendship

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