Monday, 11 November 2013

Day 3 - MissM's Homework - full circle

Didn't take long.

MissM's come full circle with homework.

Seems starting homework 5-5.15pm and finishing it before dinner is the best time.

She also had decided 'schlepping' (promise, she used this word) her bag upstairs to the home office, and doing her homework there is the best place to do it.

How surprised was she when she came upstairs tonight tho - G asked B to  help him place the large cork board we made weeks ago onto the wall infront of the desk.

I had also stuck several of her achievement certificates in frames on the wall - ballet, LAMDA etc. as positive reinforcement to be the best MissM she can be.

It's worked - well, tonight it worked.

I've sat next to her working on the IWCD Charity Bazaar raffle stuff, while she's simply got on with it.

We're both busy at our desks.

She knows I'm close by if she needs to ask for help, and I'm ready to give it when asked otherwise I'm keeping busy and quiet.

We may have just turned the corner ..... MissM may have just grown up a little bit and is ready for more school responsibility and if not, we'll take a deep breath and try something else til it's right.

I still think 9 years of age is too young to be so independent of parental help if homework is given at the amount she is receiving nightly. There's organisational skills to be learnt, time management to be  mastered, plus the academic learning that's required after a full day at school.

Keeping focused for another 40-60 minutes every night, on top of a full day at school is difficult, and I'm not sure I agree parents should bear the brunt. I'm one of those parents who isn't convinced homework is needed ... however, it does give me an idea of how she's going which isn't bad (tho as you all know in our case maybe ignorance is bliss)

Thank you to MrsA, MrsP, MrsS for your constant support and encouragement these past few months. Your honesty too along with the few friendly slaps and wake up calls.

With friendship

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