Saturday, 23 November 2013

Special Time Together

I've been taking photos of the two of them, like this for years now.
They will all end up in an album for her 21st.

Oh how I love these two.

Saturday mornings have become 'their' time together.

We've finally joined the millions of parents the world over by succumbing to a MissM activity on a Saturday morning. We were going to alternate weekends so one of us could have a lie in but MissM put forward such a great argument for G to take her, that that's what happens.

Mummy and I spend so much time together and you're always at work. You like to swim and I like to swim which is why I wanted lessons to get better. Mummy doesn't swim very well. She doesn't like getting her hair wet. Would you please take me swimming on Saturday mornings?  It would give mummy and I a break from each other, and you and I could have a smoothie and chat after each lesson.

So he does, and they do.

(I was going to chat about long working hours, and how companies go on and on about work/family balance but for most part that's crap. I was going to chat about  how it feels to think work does actually come first, and how it hurts, and is also slightly unfair cos when the chips are down, G's there for us tho why wait til they are down? I was going to chat about how badly companies are doing at this work/life balance rhetoric, and cite statistics. I was going to chat about how I've so much time on my hands, and G's got hardly any down time but thought no, this chat was about the two people I love the most having Special Time Together)

With friendship

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