Saturday, 1 February 2014

No More Excuses and That's OK

AHA! Moment - I've run out of excuses, and that's OK cos I don't need them anymore. I am ready for results, in my own time, at my own pace, but ready none-the-less.

Every time we land somewhere, we know we're only there for a given amount of time. It's a very measured way to live. Our life continues, but in very obvious chapters.

I made a conscious decision that I would not let time stand still this gig; that the time here would mean something more than coffee and lunches, and it already is. When your Visa is stamped that you can't work (as in earn money) you really do need to be creative with how you spend your time or a lethargy sets in that's incomprehensible.

Japan was brilliant use of time as there was always something culturally different to explore, getting involved with school on the Parents Association was full on part-time volunteer role; and even going to Costco was a full days outing. There were so many activities thru school for parents (read mums) to try; the local sports club was fun - I discovered I enjoyed and was rather good at boxing there.

Winchester was less easy to be busy. Most mums at school worked full time, there was no expat community to be involved with and school well ........ so I joined Curves and found it very easy to go 3 times a week, tho I didn't really enjoy the atmosphere were I went, or made friends. A frozen shoulder put an abrupt end to that.

When I think of the number of days spent home alone, doing goodness-knows-what to pass the time between school drop off and pick up it's embarrassing.  I literally wasted time. Looking back I was depressed, but when you're 'like me' it's hard to be that honest with yourself as you're the one who always copes and is there for others.

One of the mums of a friend of MissM's had recently returned from their first expat gig in Russia. We chatted occassionally, and enjoyed a giggle.  She eventually let on that she was a personal trainer, tho had stopped as her  3rd child was still too young to be left with a sitter. She asked me one day if I was ok, and I burst into tears - she hugged me, we chatted and I became her first client.

We walked the field opposite our house; she used her guest passes at the local gym to get me onto equipment in bad weather; we used the staircase at home for cardio work, I invested in one of those enormous balls and a pair of hand weights. She gave me a really easy daily schedule to follow and slowly slowly I got 'into it'.

Then she got sick, then I got sick, then my back went, then it was mid term break ..... and we never reconnected.

Then we moved to Dublin.

KNOWING that there would be busy days, and not so busy days, I felt compelled to to join a gym. Time was not going to be frittered away again. G and I both needed to start loosing weight, gaining back energy, and he needed to meet people away from the office and independently of me.

The gym we joined is within walking distance of the house, it's the next block to where G works and is open from 6am - 10pm 6 days a week, and 7am - 8pm Sundays. There's an indoor pool (G was a competetive swimmer), and a great kids area for MissM.

If my diary is empty, I go to the gym. If I'm busy in the morning I go before pick up; if I'm busy in the afternoon I go in the morning. It's so much better than sitting at home alone! I've been walking on the treadmill for up to an hour, up hill down dale; doing a few classes, relaxing with a newspaper over a fresh juice and occassionally bumping into friends who play tennis.

G started going over Xmas holidays and has maintained going 2-3 times a week after work, or on weekends.

We've both made huge gains in a few months.

TODAY I had my first gym program created by one of the lovely instructors.

Steffan was so kind and sweet as I prattled on about my sore back and neck, two frozen shoulders etc.

He's created a very gentle, tho intense 30 minute work out which will fit in and support the classes I'm enjoying and allow me energy left to do a 20 minute walk.

We'll meet up formally again in 3 weeks to see how I'm going. I'm excited to see how I fare, as I've no more excuses and that's ok.

I am committed to leaving Dublin in how ever long we're here for, slightly slimmer, definitely healthier and more flexible.

So, yeah me.

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