Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Just quiet .... busy .... but quiet

Apologies for not chatting for a few weeks.

Things started getting super busy and i suddenly found myself running out of time to do stuff, or having no time to just sit at the laptop and blog - let alone read my book for book club!

Things are OK - just busy.

A few things have happened that have really affected me and I'm trying to it out, which makes my thinking space busy, but it's ok too.

A popular Australian model/TV presenter who has made headlines for her work, but also for the shocking abuse (is there a good kind, so why did I write shocking?) she received online committed suicide two weeks ago. Now we've never met. Her trajectory as a TV personality happened since we've been gone from Australia, but her situations reached me via FB friends and news items so I was well aware of what was going on and thought how horrid it must be, and why are total strangers so cruel, and surely social media must 'do' somethign about this, and if this is happening to an adult, what do kids go thry and, and, and, and

The week before, news of Phil Seymour-Hoffman died from a drug overdose in a hotel room. That made me angry - selfish man! How could you leave your wife and kids behind? What an incredible talent and career - selfish man!

Amy Winehouse ..... I was just angry with her for being so stupid. She had so much support from her family and friend to get clean - her choice, but is it? Is it a choice or an illness? (Rehetorical questions here - but if you want to comment, please do so)

Maybe it's more illness than choice/addiction than those of us who never do drugs know or understand.

Why did their passing affect me so differently?

Why do I/we feel sorry for one and anger and, or pity for another?

It's time we start to reassess and redefine success, happiness, community, friendship, responsibility and find real, supportive ways to help those who need it before someone else hurts themselves, and leaves the rest of us to ponder WHY.

Things got busy with IWCD. We're preparing a Handy Hints to Living in Dublin book for newbies. It's doing what I enjoy - researching my new city, so it's all good, but time consuming. We were going to share the load around, but with some documents we found, it was easier for one person to type it all up (the bits we need) and then delegate the missing bits. With spotify playing in the background, it gets to lunch time very quickly.

There's been lots of new members to the IWCD which is great and it's lovely (and sometimes time consuming) when you're asked to help out with meet'n'greets. It's so important to arrive somewhere with a warm welcome. Paying it forward - every move you make - pay it forward.

Saw Mathew Bourne's Swan Lake for a second time (first time in Tokyo). Even more blown away by it the second time round.

Went to Chester Beatty Library to see a small exhibition on French Courtier. Very lovely!

Had dinner out with 'new' friends - lots of giggles and good conversation, so that's a great start.

My frozen shoulder has started to play up again so there's been a few days where I haven't been able to move my arm. Lots of physio and chiro appointments, and it's slowly improving. G and MissM are amazing - cooking dinner, making school lunches, even helping me get dressed and undressed. I'm typing this one handed, and doing lots of corrections with the ABC key.

Visitors over mid term were great fun! Lots of giggle and chats. Helped them solve a dilemma which was great as MrsW was a huge support to me in Winchester.

One of the new mums at school, and a new friend of mine instigated a coffee morning for international parents .... the PTA loved the idea and there's now a sub committee of international parents from the junior and senior schools working out agendas, priorities, best practise etc. So that's busy and fun and challenging as we all get to know each other and learn to work as a cohesive team within existing guidelines. The PTA is very very active and the international committee is a sub set of it. We had a great morning this morning learning how the 'structure' will work, and our first full on planning meeting is Friday.

My cleaner is going to get to flick next week. Just met a friends home helper and she's lovely and half the price. As she works for a friend, I feel happier giving her a key to the house if I'm not going to be home when she's here. My lady is thru an agency and is lovely, but so expensive! What was fortnightly can now be weekly which, with my shoulder being the way it is, is a great help.

Mia's godparents arrive next week for a few days; then MrsV arrives for a week then we're away for Easter.

Then earlier this week, I learned that a former colleague of mine from my days on the newspaper passed away. A few friends have said it was suicide. An official comment from work just appeared online (tho no mention of details); there's apparently an announcement in the industry trade magazine along with a fund been established for his kids.

I didn't work closely with Iain, other than when I was doing NewsColour; I didn't know him well at all but I was choked and couldn't breath for a few seconds when I read the news MrsS emailed me.

What an odd reaction to someone I haven't thought about in decades.

There will be more questions than answers for sure.

A friend's husband is unwell; lots of tests happening. We're on opposite sides of the world, so all I can do is listen when we talk/email (same thing sometimes when there's a horrid time difference) and send love.

So I've been quiet, busy, but quiet and not really in the chatting mood.

There's a few drafts waiting to be published ................

With friendship

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