Saturday, 8 March 2014

Winning isn't everything - participating is fun too

Quiz Night

Trivia Night.

Trivial Pursuit.

In a pub; at a friends house; in a hall for a fundraiser.

Done all of the above.

Laughed a lot.

Learnt a lot.

Didn't know a lot.

Surprised at what you do know.

The overwhelming feeling of happiness when you contribute a right answer vs the overwhelming embarrassment when you're not so sure but neither is anyone else, morphing into sheer panic that you're possibly ruined your teams reputation until the quizmaster calls out that rounds answers. Hi-fives all round when it's right; looks of don't -worry from team mates if it's wrong.

The look on people's faces as they try to find the answer in the deepest parts of their memory. Fingers tapping on the table to the tune of 'i know this, i know this one' when clearly they don't.

Virgin-quiz goers are a delight. Unsure of the proceedings, ready to answer questions, taking it all very seriously until they realize you have to be a walking encyclopedia (remember those volumes of books you'd look stuff up) to know ALL the answers.

G and I love a good quiz night. A group of us started going to the local pub in Kings Worthy for a trivia night. Think we managed two really fun nights, then the 3rd attempt, the quizmaster forgot to show up! We had a great night out anyways. MrMc was our bright spark. Such a shame we didn't do more before we left. (Friends in Sydney go to a weekly trivia night at the local pub. They've been going every Wednesday night for years! MrsS reckons its only recently they've started winning is because the same questions are asked after a while)

We went to a huge trivia night in Sydney years ago. It was a fundraiser and there were lots of very clever ways of raising money via the questions. I've been able to introduce some to quiz nights I've been involved in organising.

Our school in Yokohama held an Annual Headmasters Quiz Night. What a hoot of a night! With an international community, the questions needed to be very global, very general, yet asked in a very specific way so that non-English speakers had a chance too. I'm smiling just recalling some of the mad questions and even madder answers.

We went to our first Irish Quiz Night last night. There were 4 Irish friends, 2 Americans (arrived a few months ago) and us, 2 Australians.

There were about 100 other people trying their luck, in teams of 6-8.

The Quiz Master was a well known TV personality (if one of the questions was 'name this person, what is he famous for we'd have had to rely 100% of on our Irish friends), who sadly mumbled his way thro 11 rounds of 6 questions. We always knew we woudl have to aclimatise our ears to his accent, but it was a bit more frustrating than that. At least we'd have had a good few laughs if we could hear him.

We all felt rather chuffed when we knew the answer to abstract questions. (When spelling numbers, which number has the letters in alphabetical order. The number is between 1 - 50. I knew this one!!!!)

Felt like giants when we guessed an answer and it was right. (What makeup is the name of a city in Algeria? - MrO guessed that one very well)

How many times does the number 2 appear between 0 and 1,000? (who cares!?!?!??!?)

AH! This one's brilliant - what word, when spelt starts with the word to describe a female, then a male and it's full definition means an amazing woman? (gosh I hope I got that right) MrO and G got that one, while the rest of us were in awe.

In alphabetical order, which is the 7th Dwarf? (We could all name 6 .... had to Google this morning to remember the 7th, tho we still got it right)

How many people have walked on the moon? (We all thought this was a trick question, but it wasn't)

Who's the 3rd highest paid TV personality at RTE?
How many counties surround Waterford?
And many many more Irish question that I can't recall now but gave us grief last night.

The picture round was last - despite badly photocopied images, several people in the room knew what Bertie Ahearn looked like as a 7 year old school boy, while others recognized 'old' photos of several other Irish personalities; MrO guessed Bruce Springstein coming out of the surf, but we got confused between Captain Smith and Bram Stocker.

All in all, we had a fun night out.

We were last after the first 4 rounds, and stayed there the rest of the night.

We got a dinner invitation out of it.

Thank goodness there was no wooden spoon prize, tho I was ready to take a very proud walk thru the crowd to receive it if there was.

Afterall, winning isn't everything, participating was fun (tho at times frustrating. Now we know how the kids feel when you just don't know the answer, no matter how hard you think)

With friendship

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