Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Mission Impossible - Clothes Shopping

It doesn't have to be GAP - the above is me, in any fashion shop.

In fact, I have sometimes wondered if someone WAS watching me, or indeed, I had bright red paint on the soles of my shoes, creating an imprint of my trek it would look very similar. The amount of criss crossing the store, going back and forth, coming to a dead stop before moving quickly again has become to norm for me when it comes to clothes shopping.

What about you? Do you do this kinda of track, and if you are super lucky, buy something? Or do you do this track and more often than not leave with nothing? Or are you one of those lucky ladies who know what you want, find it, buy it, leave the shop?

After all the touching, looking, taking an item off the rack, holding it with outstretched arm, replacing item on rack, or holding item for a few minutes only to compare it to something else and leave it far from it's original place, I am lucky if I have anything to take into the dressing room to try on. 

Here's my clothes criteria:
  • V-neck, or low scoop necklines (I've got big boobs and these necklines help to minimize them)
  • Sleeves! At least the elbow. Not tight fitting. 
  • Pants that sit on my waist (not hipsters)
  • Tops that go past my hips (helps cover bigger bottom bits and give illusion of being taller/slimmer than one really is)
  • Earth tones.
  • Solid colours are fine for tops'n'pants
  • Patterns for skirts and jackets
Seeing as I know what I like, and what suits me you'd think it would be easier to shop. Right? WRONG.

When I was working corporately, I shopped at Liz Davenport, an Australian designer who acknoweldged women come in different shapes and sizes, and that some of us like to keep the tops of our arms covered, amongst other parts.

Liz could be described as am upmarket, mix'n'match, contemporary designer whose shop assistants kept detailed records of what each customer bought so that each new piece was a useful addition to what was already in their wardrobe. I was one of those rare females who always had something to wear! Everything went with everything else. Skirts and pants in the exact same fabric would work (obviously) with the tops and jackets. Solid colors were accessorised with multi colored or patterned jackets.

I could always find something there. In fact, I still have a few 'good' items in the wardrobe 25+ years on (how weird does that sound? ) as they are classic styles and the clothes are such great quality they are still great.

Once I left work, and didn't need those clothes anymore, I started to shop at TS, a designer specializing in larger sizes. I didn't care! The smaller sizes fit me and look great. It's all about layering, and mix'n'match (which I love) and taking the same piece and dressing it up or down for the occassion. I love it - tho I've lost a bit of weight and would like to stop hiding behind the loose styles.

The other thing that put me off, dare I even say it, is that when Mum visited last year, her entire wardrobe was TS - now, either she's dressing 'too young' or I'm dressing 'too old' but one of us is wrong - there's no way 'we' should be wearing the same label!

A friend said that fashion these days is either too young or too old (she's in her early 50's) and I agree.

I had a horrible morning trying desperately to find tops. I didn't even want an entire outfit! I simply need a few tops to go with copious number of skirts and pants i have as I'm tired of the same ol' tops.

Complete and utter failure.

I was feeling so sorry for myself, berating myself for not being more diligent at gym, for being so 'big' and 'wobbly' that I went home. I'll check out some shops when I'm in town later this week but with H&M, TopShop, Marks & Spencer, Next, Monsoon, GAP, Bennetton, River Island, Hobbs etc in every shopping centre and on every High Street, finding an independent boutique stocking unusual, interesting pieces will be my challenge.

The only thing that's making me feel better is a recent blog from one of my favorite bloggers, MrsWoogworld wrote this brilliant piece about the 2014 fashion season which I've love to share with you. Click here ........

Hope your spring/summer 2014 shopping is successful, and affordable, and that you walk into a shop, find exactly what you want and buy it without drama,

NB: I didn't get a chance to upload this last night, and today I've had a VERY successful shopping experience. Bought two stunning tops. It's not much, but it's a start.

With friendship

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