Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Travel Blog No 10 - Yeah for Pacsafe

When one sets of on an adventure these days, you really need to make sure you keep your wits about you. There are signs in most major cities warning of pick pockets. Sadly we all know someone who's had some mishap occur, regardless how careful they were.

Not only do we have to worry about being pick pocketed, but now days, it's having information lifted from mobile phones and credit cards! Identity theft is a huge global problem.

As we planned our trip to Italy, I knew that I needed to invest in a safer bag and without sounding corny, I knew which one to buy, thanks to MsB from Sydney.

When MsB visited us in the UK, she had a really lovely compact shoulder bag which was like Mary Poppins bag.

While there was no light stand inside, there was a small umbrella, water bottle, maps, passport, sunglasses, small make up case and wallet.

"It's a PacSafe" she said proudly.

"A what" I asked.

She went on to explain and then I Googled it. Well, it's just the best thing to be developed since the lowering of air fares.

This isn't a paid endorsement (gosh, how I wish ms-havachat was able to attract that sort of attention), but I'm super happy to recommend them anyways.

I tried buying online, but the exchange rates (it's a US site) were making them very expensive. I was lucky enough to find mine in Sydney and have to say, it's the best investment.

This is my Pacsafe bag.

I wore it every single day for the past 18 days on our Italian Summer Adventure.

The reason I love it are many:

  • LIGHT WEIGHT - even with two bottle of water, two pairs of sunglasses, a wallet, tissues, wipes and maps.
  • EASY TO WEAR - with a tendency for back and neck issues the bag was so easy to wear I didn't experience any pain at all.
  • POCKETS GALORE - made it easy to find phone, makeup, wallet, pen etc. 
  • SAFE - each zip clipped and locked into a safe mode which meant I could relax even on crowded trains that no one could unzip the bag.
  • WASHABLE - easily to wipe down any dirt or dust that might have hit the fabric
  • ATTRACTIVE - it might be a mini backpack-style bag, but it didn't look like one.
  • UNISEX - G was happy to wear it on a few occasions (when I was busy with camera case)

The website explains all the safety features, so I won't.

Suffice to say, I'll be buying the smaller handbag Pacsafe for our next holiday (the only negative of this one was it was a bit cumbersome at night)

If you are about to travel, domestically or overseas, invest in a Pacsafe before you go, you won't be disappointed.

Have you had the misfortune of being pick pocketed?
What safety tips do you employ while on holidays?


  1. Just wondering what model that bag is?

    1. Hi Dianne! Welcome :)

      Oops, forgot to include that - too funny.

      My Pacsafe is the the 200 GII Shoulder Bag.

      With friendship