Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Worked Out What Inspires

Inspiration comes from so many places, in all guises, for all reasons (or none) at any time.

Do you need to be ready to be inspired or does it just happen?

If it happens and you're not ready, do you miss it?

Once inspired, you have to know how to harness the feeling.

We live in a world that's becoming more and more harsh to deal with. The news is often beyond awful at times taking us to unimaginable emotions so we are more than ever before, I think, on the hunt for positive reinforcement that it's the minority, not the majority who are effecting us. Not that we need to wear rose coloured glasses. The unimaginable MUST be known so things can change but that makes being inspired a wee bit harder to see.

Rising above the 24/7 news feeds on all manner of electronic device we've hooked ourselves up to, and opening our hearts and minds to what's around us, we can be inspired by the smallest of things every day. Remember the #100happydays a while ago?

There are so many things that inspire me, and I often think 'that would make a great chat on the blog' but running around, and daily life get in the way and the idea remains just that.

An idea in my mind, never to reach the keyboard, or you.

It stays in my mind for so long that I deal with it, and forget about it.

Do you really want to know everything I think?

Who am I to think that my opinion via my blog is worthy of consideration?

Remember, ms-havahcat is an expat blog, of which there are a gazillion. While we are in an English speaking country, I don't feel we are having such an expat experience when compared to Japan - but we do observe differences, subtle they may be. So ms-havachat's morphed into a diary of sorts, which is was never meant to be ....... full circle, returns to what inspires me.

I guess, I will always simply write about things that inspire me, or are on my mind, or might help someone going thru a similar situation.

So why aren't I writing often? Isn't that what bloggers do? Write often .. or should I lead the charge and only write when it's worthwhile?

Then it hit me.

The reason my inspirations have simply sat in my head is because I'm not 'in the office' on a daily basis anymore. My diary isn't reminding me of administrative TO DO's these days ... the Club year is well and truly underway, and running smoothly; the two Bazaars' are over and done with for another year; and as emails, Skype, Facebook, whatsapp and everything else is on my phone which is sync'd with my laptop the 'need' to be AT my laptop has diminished.

While it's convenient to have all that stuff accessible on my phone, I've realised it's also stopping me from coming upstairs to the laptop to write, hence, a lack of blogging.

Like you, I enjoy receiving daily blogs from the bloggers I follow on FB (still don't have the courage to go that public with ms-havachat) and then clicking the link to the website blog so I can post as ms-havachat and not me. By doing that, it's one small way of promoting ms-havachat to a wider audience. Maybe if they like my comments, they'll click onto ms-havachat and find me/us here and stay for a while.

Now I've realised the error of my ways, and rediscovered my inspiration - my desk, the home office, the structure of allocating time to be in this headspace, to ponder, to write, I hopefully we get all that stuff that runs around my head, keeping me awake at night (even with pen/paper next to my bed to write things down, I still lack sleep lately) we'll share some great inspirational chats.

I also think I'm slightly bored.

Don't do what G did and laugh when I told him.

I am bored.

There's no major project coming up that requires attention.

My diary is pretty much empty, other than the routine stuff that makes up our day to day life.

Taking full advantage of a pretty unique opportunity, which is TIME, I'm back at the gym for at least an hour 2-3 times a week (there's no excuse not to be) and enjoying it. Haven't connected with any potential friends, so it's a solitude hour on the walking machine which is fine listening to TEDtalks (haven't done that in a while).

I've also realised I'm missing my creative outlets - haven't done pure Ikebana since arriving; the freestyle stuff I do from time to time is just that. Placing a few flowers or leaves in a container and voila! It's not the 3-4 hour workshop/tutorial/exam environment I enjoyed.

My inspiration has returned since putting my laptop back upstairs - how funny is that?

So with a comfy desk chair, a clean and tidy desk top, my notes, and my snazzy MacBook Air, let's get back to chatting on a regular basis.

Please, PLEASE comment on what you read - disagree with me, agree with me, show me a different point of view ........ let's connect!

With friendship


  1. Oi! my hubs was shocked when I told him I was bored looking after the kids (enforced by moving overseas). It never occurred to him that (a) this was not the epitome of fulfillment for me and (b) that I, too, would like to live London's night life or at least dinner and a movie once a month!

    To be fair, having worked full time for a while now I can see how much easier life was - but I was still volunteering with the school and with local community organisations. Was that the best use of my talents? No. Was it was what was on offer/I could manage? Yes.

    Ms Havachat I could go on, and on, and on but this is YOUR blog not mine so I hope you get heaps of replies. and BTW:

    Aussie aussie aussie!

    1. Me thinks you should start a blog Margarita!

      Trying to fill in one's day can be very time consuming for sure. How I'd love to be working part time at least .... what do they say, the grass is always greener, eh?