Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Oh Oh Now What .....

MrsM encouraged me to start Ms-havachat. Since then she has created two more blogs, and has two Facebook pages. Last week, she encouraged me to take the next step and create a FB page for ms-havachat. So I have ventured into unknown territory and started, ever-so-quietly and oh so slowly on Facebook.

Remaining anonymous (for now) is important, tho not natural. While happy to say 'I blog' and tell people about ms-havachat, shouting it across the internet doesn't seem quite right.

There is a plan for ms-havachat. After blogging for a few years (how quickly time flies when you're having fun) and building confidence in writing, the 'next step' is to expose her to even more people via social media. No point just thinking about it, or talking about it, there are things that have to materialise so it DOES HAPPEN.

Over the past few years, there are several bloggers that I have fallen in love with. Their latest comment hits my home page, or inbox and I smile, knowing I will have a few minutes of thought provoking reading, and a giggle or two.

Their word smithing is brilliant and inspiring, as are they.

It's as if a friend has called to say 'guess what' and you listen intently.

By commenting on their posts, be it on Facebook or their website, we've connected; we're friends even tho we've never met. There's a trust there that's really special. It's also very weird talking about them like this!

Oh how I'd love to meet them.

Their communities are amazing, positive, well informed, articulate (mainly) women from all over the globe - something I would be honoured to replicate here. It's something that just happens organically, as a result of caring commentary, kindness and empathy. The world needs more of that, don't you think?

Twitter seems too much like hard work, so you won't find me there ( I follow a few people, just to see what it's like).

Pinterest is overwhelming! Too many clever, inspirational people and ideas to keep up with.

Linkedin is a great professional platform. Even tho I'm not allowed to be gainfully employed, it's vindicates my past life when I had a career, managed national accounts, was responsible for a few million dollars of advertising revenue, and a sales team. It means that when I arrive at a new city, people can (and do) seek me out, to find out who I was before I was an expat wife/mother/volunteer. MrsV very kindly helped me sort out my CV and summary. It's still needs bit of work, but it's doing the trick - been offered interviews for a few jobs recently.

Every expat wife who is legally unable to be gainfully employed should have a detailed Linkedin page! People at your new school, your husband/partners colleagues will search for you!

Our family has a private video website that we upload the occasional video to. These are too big to email, but we still wanna share. Trust me, it's very doubtful there will be a ms-havachat youtube channel, but ya never know.

There's no fancy image at the top of the page just yet - I'm still looking for the 'one image' that encapsulates ms-havcaht; when it's discovered, it'll appear across all that ms-havachat does, so the branding will be clear. Love to know your suggestions.

So far there are a few posts shared from other people, with short comment for an introduction. From time to time if it's appropriate there'll be a link here just incase a new follower wants to check out previous chats.

It's still a work in progress which is kinda fun for you as you'll get to see how it morphs from a pretty blank page to something meaningful.

If you're on Facebook, you are very welcome to LIKE ms-havachat, I do hope you will. How cool if you were to then invite your friends to LIKE the page too .... what a community we'd create together.

Please, click here to be sent directly there.

Look forward to seeing you here and there :)

With friendship

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