Sunday, 22 March 2015

Dublin Sightseeing - Powerscourt Hotel for Afternoon Tea

I won a voucher for Afternoon Tea for Two at Sugar Loaf Cafe at Powerscourt Hotel last May at a luncheon. It's crazy how fast the months fly by.

Yesterday, MrsD and I enjoyed a sumptuous afternoon of cakes, scones, tea and lovely conversation while overlooking Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Ever mindful of ms-havachat, I took a few photos and paid particular attention to what was going on around us so I could come home and chat about it with you as part of my new Dublin Sightseeing series (thanks MrsD for the idea and encouragement)

If you are staying in Dublin, Powerscourt a very easy half hour drive down then M50. We often come down after school drop off for a bit of shopping at Avoca, a bite to eat at the cafe and are back to school for 3pm pick up! It's also one of our favourite day trips when we have visitors - the house, gardens followed by lunch or afternoon tea is always appreciated. We never tire of it because the seasons in Ireland are so different.

Start your day trip by taking a leisurely stroll thru the small village of Enniskerry before driving less than five minutes up the hill to Powerscourt. The shops are delightful, and there's not one High Street or shopping centre store to be seen, which is refreshing.

Main street of Enniskerry

Powerscourt has an interesting history - mind you, most places in Ireland have an interesting history.

Powerscout Estate is a large country estate noted for the stunning home and gardens. The original house is a 13th century castle which has been altered over the years. A massive fire in 1974 left the house a shell, until it's renovation in 1996. Today, the estate is owned and run by the Slazenger family. It is popular with tourists and locals on a sunny day.

You can tour the house and gardens, or one or the other depending on time and your interests. I won't post prices or open times as they change season to season, so best look at the website via the link above.

The House is voted Top 10 Houses in the World by Lonely Planet. Despite it's majestic presence over the gardens, the house has a welcome feel to it, and you can imagine a family living here and making the most of the grounds.

This is the real thing! Promise you'll see this exact scene when you visit. 

Not to be outdone, the gardens have been voted the No3 in the world by National Geographic, and are enjoyed all year round. We especially enjoy strolling around the Japanese Gardens.

The golf course is world class - of course.

Powerscourt Hotel was originally built by the Ritz Carlton Group, with no expense spared. The Palladian style architecture mirrors the original house which is a 5 minute walk long tree lined avenue. 

The 'front' of the hotel overlooks the car park which on first visit is odd. Once you walk thru the revolving doors you are met with opulence and grandeur worthy of 5 star status.  From the floral designs atop antique sideboards, to groups of welcoming couches infront of open fires, the lobby has a gentle buzz to it.

Shame it's so dark, but I hope you get the 'feel' of the place.

The 'back' of the hotel offers guests magnificent views of Sugar Loaf Mountain - once you realise this, you forgive them for the entrance. The manicured gardens, life-size chess board, natural playground for the children, and of course, Sugar Loaf Mountain in the background ensures hours of relaxation over coffee.

View from our table, with Sugar Loaf to the right.
Afternoon tea is €35 per person.

Our waitress explained we would start with sandwiches and scones, which would be followed by a choice of 2 deserts. We were then given a menu of Tea to choose our drinks from.

Beautiful presentation and delicious.

Look at the delicate tea bag. The design on the crockery was elegant.

We noticed that while every table was full, there was only one gentleman with his wife. At every table sat girlfriends, mums and daughters, grandmothers. Who knew afternoon tea was gender specific? Mind you,  I didn't even think to ask G to join me - imagine him eating posh sandwiches and sipping tea (well, coffee)

We sat and chatted.
We sipped tea.
We ate. 
We watched the view change as the sun moved across the blue sky.
We  had desert. 

We arrived at 2.30pm and before we knew it, it was nearly 5.30pm. Neither of us had dinner!

What a stunning way to share a sunny Saturday with a girlfriend.

Here's my last pic of the day, taken as I drove out of Powerscourt.

Sugar Loaf Mountain.

NB: The photo's of Enniskerry and Powerscourt House are not mine. All the others are. 


  1. What a wonderful post! Powerscourt is such a beautiful place. We love bringing visitors to see it all, but equally enjoy it on our own for a sunny afternoon exploration. I've never thought to have tea at the hotel but I'll now add it to my checklist!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Pies & Gents. There's so much to enjoy at Powerscourt. I hope you do book for afternoon tea soon - spring/summer is glorious there. ENJOY, and pop back to let me know what you think.