Tuesday, 31 March 2015

That was short lived

Thanks to several followers of ms-havachat, I learnt that Zayne has released his first solo song - really!? It's not even a week since he announced he was leaving 1D to, what was it, lead a normal life away from the spotlight.


So now there's a lesson of integrity to be learnt from Zayne and yet one more from the media.

Say what you mean and mean what you say, or say nothing at all.

MissM and her friend just found out that Zayne has released, or will release his first solo song and they are not amused.

"Why didn't he just tell the boys he didn't want to sing with them anymore?" asked MissM.

"Why did he leave the band on their tour when he knew so many fans wanted to see him?" asked the other MissM.

"Imagine how hurt Nial, Liam, Harry and Louis must feel now they know he didn't want to sing with them but he wanted to sing on his own' said MissM.

'Yeah, he should have finished the tour" replied the other MissM.

They asked me what I thought.

Well ...... what did I think?

I think that he should have been honest to the other guys and told them that while he enjoyed his time with 1D that he wanted to try a solo career and that he had intact, got a few songs already recorded, ready to be released.

That sometimes when we tell the truth, we might hurt others feelings, but if we do it with grace and kindness, that friends will eventually understand even if at first they are very hurt.

That the truth is always better than lies, cos the truth always comes out in the end.

Now there's media reports of the others feeling betrayed, angry and upset at what seems to be a lie.


It's also a great lesson for the girls in how the media manipulates stories, that none of us, except the people involved actually know the real conversations that went on, and how gossip and rumours are dangerous.

So has Zayne gone from being a young man of courage, who stood up for himself to a fibber in less than a week???????????


Did the media misreport what happened?


Does it matter?

Thank goodness not so much in our house.

We've had a very interesting conversation, but now it's time to bake cookies'n'cream fudge brownies.

With friendship

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