Thursday, 9 April 2015

Nearly Over For Another Year

Seems the year is flying by - again, or is it simple getting faster and faster and there's nothing we can do about it?

Easter break is nearly done.

Tomorrow is the last day.

We've had a great couple of weeks.

Dinner with friends of MissM's class mate. In fact, it was a really lovely evening. We laughed and chatted like old mates. We don't have those kind of nights that often, and when we do, we relish them.

They are a newish family; mum has the gig, dad's a stay-at-home-dad (which in itself is a great conversation to have, role reversals and how it works especially in expat life).  This is their first overseas assignment, tho have moved around the US a few times. This has been their norm since their first daughter was born.

What I loved most was being able to laugh with someone about the various expat lessons we all learn along the way. It was wonderful to confirm 'it's not you' with regards to several topics of conversation. Even G joined in the chorus of 'please don't feel bad, it's not you'. We all laughed and they felt more relaxed knowing it wasn't them but everyone else!!!!!!!!

I see the dad at school; the girls are best friends; now that G and MrsM have met it's complete and phew! we all got along really well. How can I tell? Because we laughed, a lot. We didn't stop talking. We appear to have similar expectations of our kid/s in terms of behaviour, manners etc. which was revealed thru several topics of conversation that just flowed.

MrsM's work is interesting; they were keen to learn about G's work and what takes us around the world, where we've lived; how I settle and keep busy, how MrM does the same but differently; the kids; holiday destinations done or on the wish list; sports/hobbies/interests - it was a great first date!

There was a sleepover on Monday night when the OtherMissM stayed over. Too much singing and dancing and gymnastics and giggling makes for two cranky tweens the next day.

On Thursday we headed off to Belfast for a few days. Not that impressed with the city. The Black Cab Tour was emotionally draining as you'd expect; Titanic Museum was a little bit disappointing (but then I really enjoyed the Titanic exhibition Southampton); the day trip to the Giant's Causeway was great! The new information centre is fantastic as is the audio guide (I'll blog about the trip separately so you can see pics and links)

MissM went to chess camp - yes, C H E S S! with MrH. They are great mates, tho don't tell anyone at school cos apparently boys and girls can't be friends when you're 10 years old - they aren't mortal enemies, but they are definitely not supposed to hang out together.

There two get along like a house on fire, as do the families.

MrH came home with us this afternoon. We had nearly two hours in the sunshine at the local park (unheard of in Dublin), and he stayed for dinner.

Tomorrow we have an appointment with the Australian Ambassador to Ireland to discuss MissM's role in the 2015 ANZAC Day Memorial Service (how exciting is that, and yep, another chat for another time)

Then, believe it or not it's back to school Monday for the LAST TERM OF THE SCHOOL YEAR.

Yep, it's nearly over for another year - ALREADY!

In less than 6 weeks 4th Class (grade 4) will be a memory .......... which means, wait for it .... deep breath .... we have to start thinking about summer f*****g holidays ....... nearly three f*****g months to fill.

How was your Easter Break?
How do you celebrate Easter?
When do your kids finish school for the year?
When do you start thinking about summer holidays?

With friendship


  1. so glad you've found fab new friends, and where do you get your perfect photos???? aer lingus keeps reminding me I need to visit. or maybe you'll be planning a stint back here? just made my bookings for a trip 'home' to DC in August (ugh) after 3 years of not seeing my family. I will finally get to show the kids their history...

    1. Thanks Margarita - it takes time as you know to make a really good friend, but the signs are there :) Like our 'first date' - non stop talking and lots of laughter.
      Very pleased someone other than me reminds you to visit ....... 3 years is a long time between visits 'home' - the kids will love it!