Monday, 13 April 2015

Dublin Sightseeing Series: Grafton Street

Dublin city's main pedestrian mall shopping street is Grafton Street.

At one end is the serene, tranquility of St Stephens Green, (opposite is the St Stephens Green Shopping Centre) and at the other end of the pedestrian mall is the hustle and bustle of Trinity College.

St Stephens Green Shopping Centre
(not my pic -check out that sky!!!!!!!!!!)

Grafton Street (not my pic)

Trinity College (not my pic)

In between, there are small side streets that lead to smaller, bendy streets with hidden gems of shops, cafes and restaurants, the most famous of which has got to be Bewleys. There are old pubs, and I mean o-l-d pubs dotted all over the city, especially in Temple Bar, but that's another chat for another day. Todays we are focusing on Grafton Street.

Beautiful Bewleys' currently closed for renovations.
(not my pic)

I tend to pop into town on the LUAS (mono rail) or bus if there's something on at the art gallery, or there's an organised tourist oriented walk or exhibition. I'm not much to shop'n'wander, tho today I was in town early for an appointment and thought about the Dublin Sightseeing Series and thought - why not? Why not focus on Grafton Street ..... it's a popular destination for City Breaks; we enjoyed our time exploring Copenhagen a few weekends ago, maybe it's time I looked at Dublin city in the same way.

For a not-very-long-street in the middle of a European capital city, it certainly has the cream of retailers, no wonder MrsD was thinking of coming on a shopping spree pre-Christmas.

Delicious Molton Brown.

Lovely Pandora.

Fab designer. 

Best shoes ever!

Discovered Cath Kidson in Winchester.

Chanel @ Brown Thomas - sorry for the scaffolding.

Ireland's Flagship Department Store.
Even had a doorman in a top hat and long coat.

Louis Vuitton @ Brown Thomas

Love their cucumber and salmon sandwiches. 

MAC @ Brown Thomas

This is a new addition to a side street off Grafton.
TWO LEVELS of Nespresso!

Massive River Island.

This one's been in Grafton Street since 1875!

Sorry about the shutters being down.

Tommy Hilfiger - huge shop front.

One of THE most stunning independent jewellers I've ever seen. 

There's also the usual mobile phone company retailers, and Irish tourist shops selling all grades of quality Irish memorabilia.

The sad thing is there are very few 'independent' fashion retailers on Grafton Street, it's all the usual High Street (can I use that English term to describe an Irish shopping precinct?). If you walk off Grafton Street, and into the small, bendy streets you'll find them, but not many.

The one thing I do love about popping into town are the gorgeous flower stalls. They always have an abundance of choice and are pretty well priced. They are dotted on either side of Grafton Street.

Grafton Street is famous for it's street performers too. There's the sand artist who works away quietly (until MissM arrives and asks a thousand questions), or the guys dressed in silver who seldom move and when they do freak you out, or buskers with incredible voices, and street dancers ..... the kids love the guys with the oversized bubble wands.

At the St Stephens Green end, opposite the side entrance to St Stephens Green Shopping Centre is the Gaiety Theatre.

For a small-ish pedestrian mall, Grafton Street is really full of surprises! I had never really stopped and taken notice of just how much is on offer and I'd like to thank YOU for encouraging me to stop and look at my adopted city.

I'm excited to explore Temple Bar with a bit more conscious alertness, and St Stephens Green is full of hidden statues, so watch this space.

Do you know Grafton Street well?
Please let me know what I've missed.
What's your favourite part of the area?

With friendship


  1. I've traveled to many places but I've yet to visit Ireland. It's top of my list. I can't wait.

    1. OMG you'd love the shopping, and sight seeing .... and green countryside.
      I'd love to show you around - we'd have such fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!