Sunday, 12 April 2015

Rain, Rain Go AWAY!


We need them to keep the universe in balance.

In Ireland, as in England, the weather is a popular conversation. In fact, it's hard not to go for a few hours without someone mentioning the weather.

It's either too much rain and hoping for sunshine.
Too much sunshine, and wondering when that inevitable rain will come, because the good weather won't last. 
Glorious day today, hope it lasts.
No such thing as bad weather, just different kinds. 
The weather has to break soon.
There goes summer. 
Those few days last week were spring. 
Bad winter means good summer.
It's pissing down. 
Have you seen the weather report?
Weather's supposed to change tomorrow.
They want to start charging us for water? In a country that has an abundance of the stuff? Madness!
I didn't know what to wear today - raining when we woke up, sunshine when we left the house.
Layers - you must wear layers and always have a coat and umbrella for just in case. 
Desperate to go on holidays and get some sunshine.
The flowers must be so confused with the crazy weather. 

It does your head in, and can play havoc with your soul. MissM's surprised to see a sunny day (how sad is that) and often comments 'it's Ireland mama, what do you expect?' or as I open her blinds in the morning 'another grey ol' day'.

She doesn't mind when it rains on Tuesdays and Thursdays cos then they do indoor games as opposed to outdoor sports.

The weather also plays games with one's social life and weekend plans, however, you do kinda get used to it (or maybe we've lived here too long and are becoming localised with our attitudes).

There's always an indoor alternative.

Even over school holidays, plans have to be made with an alternative - we'll go to the park if it's dry (we don't even talk sunshine anymore, dry is good enough), and if not, we'll go bowling/come to our place.

We were told years ago, it's got nothing to do with the weather and everything to do with the right clothes.

So off we went and bought the 'right clothes' - rainboots, raincoats, waterproof hats.

Thank goodness they are fashion items! Great colours, lots of variety in style.

We can deal with rain but now it's the wind that's the deterrent! See, if it's not one things it's another. I have a sneaking suspicion this is one reason the Irish are so light hearted and have such a great sense of humour.

Todays' one of those days - the Japanese Community are hosting a Japan Experience Day from noon, and we are so excited to go. A Hanami in Dublin sounds interesting to say the least. We can't compare it to our experience in Japan, but it will be fun.

Not my photo, but we've done similar hanami in Yokohama.

After 4 glorious sunny days, with blue skies, and gentle breezes (everyone discussing their hopes for spring) it's pouring today.

The rain is heavy enough that you can see the patterns the wind is blowing, currently it's diagonal!

There are many reasons to visit Ireland, the weather is not one of them, but it does ensure the most amazing shades of green grass in the countryside, and lush gardens, and teaches you to simply get on with it, coats, hats, boots and all.

PS: To be fair, we had similar conversations while living in Japan, tho it was only during the wet season (obvious, huh?) and summer - those summers were so friggin' hot and humid - again, it was having the right clothes to cope; having indoor alternatives to the park on extreme days; and having the right attitude to cope.

The ying/yang of life.

Learning to adjust, to cope with what ever's thrown at you - even if you can't do much about it.

With friendship

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