Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Dublin Dining: Posh Lunch with the Girls




Delicious Food. 

What more could a girl ask for?

The Annual Summer Lunch of the International Women's Club is always a very special event.

This time, 9 years ago, we dined at Patrick Guilbaud, Dublin's 2 Michelin Star restaurant at the Merrion Hotel. It was an incredible experience.

Today, I went back with (some of the same) 87 friends, and it was just as special.

MrsH and MrsB and I met for champagne beforehand. They have only just met today and as expats do, easily settled into conversation.

After two lovely glasses of bubbles, we walked a few feet to the restaurant and were met by a gentleman who took our coats (and MrsH's rainboots) and another gentleman who offered us a glass of champagne, so we 'cheered' ourselves again and started to mingle.

The Summer Lunch is an important date on our Club calendar. You see people you may not have seen for a few months. Everyone is buzzing about the imminent arrival of warmer weather, summer plans are shared, diaries are out for 'one more get together before summer'.

I simply love getting dressed up, eating fine food in beautiful surroundings with friends.

The restaurant is light and bright and elegant. You can't help but feel special walking down the stairs.

Stock photo of interior.

Once we were settled at our tables, I popped up and started to mingle to make sure I'd said hello to everyone (I should probably mention I am the VP of the Club, and the incoming President). I love working a room, especially one where everyone is smiling and happy to be there.

Everyone had their phone's out and were taking photos. Photos were uploaded to Facebook, I was thinking of the photos and words for my chat with you and there were a few camera's not attached to phones which made me stop and remember my fabulous small camera I used last time I was here.

The wait staff were attentive, without being 'in your face'; the maitre d was elegant and helpful (even followed me around with my phone taking photos for me)

With a gentle gong, the simple announcement 'Lunch is Served' and everyone took their seats to await the first course.

Our lunch was served:

Mellow Spiced Wicklow Lamb, Avocado Mousseline, Piquellos Pepper,
Olive Crumbs and Pearle Jus
Coconut Tapioca, Blood Orange Espuma
and Caramel Popcorn

Vacherin of Mare des Bois
(the artwork on the meringue was incredible)
Pettit Fours
(the one with the stick was INCREDIBLE)

Thank you G for collecting MissM from school. It was nice to sit'n'relax and enjoy this incredible experience (again)

Wonder where we'll go next year?

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