Friday, 15 May 2015

Where Do The Days Go?


Gosh, where the time going?

Here I am, wanting to be taken seriously as a blogger, to develop and create a community of loyal followers, who join in on the chats and I've been away from my laptop for too long.


Many thanks for hanging around patiently, it's much appreciated.

It's been fun popping onto ms-havachat on Facebook tho, with little snippets here and there. It's a great way to stay connected between long chats. Have you seen ms-havachat's Facebook page? Please pop by and say hi, like it, share it with friends and comment/chat as we go.

What's been going on that has kept me away from the keyboard? Well you might ask! Cos, really, other than 'stuff' nothing specific.

That's the thing about expat life. Everyone, (including yourself sometimes) expects you to be busy all the time. They seem to forget that everyday life like washing, shopping, cooking, cleaning, school runs etc happen. They just think it's tennis, golf, bridge, lunch, sightseeing and volunteering in between planning holidays and having holidays.

While few of us juggle paid employment, we are still busy doing what-ever it is that keeps mums/women busy.

Some days are very fulfilling, while days go on for ever and you can't wait til the kids or husband come home!

The highlight of the past few months really has been a secret which I can now share with you - I'm the incoming President of the Club I belong to. The VP role this past year has been great training for which I'm grateful. We've still the current year to finish, and then the committee's meet, handover files and information then it's the newbies who are in the hot seat.

We had a stunning end of year (remember, in the northern hemisphere there are two end of years - June aka start of summer is end of year in terms of school, club membership etc, and of course, the end of calendar year in December) luncheon, and our AGM. We've one or two more events and then we wrap up for summer. The Committee will meet few times to plan the new year's activities and events, ready to get going in September.

I've been desperate to get back to the gym which for those of you who know me in real life know that's a very funny statement however I do enjoy the few things I do, and it does have a positive effect on how I feel, on my lower back, and of course I love my clothes getting a bit too loose. As usual, my goal last year was to be thinner and more trimmed but alas, it's not happened. I am thinner, but not visually so. So, my goal for this year is to be a bit trimmer and thinner for N-E-X-T summer.

Think I might be following too many bloggers with gusto. I love their energy and conversation. They have become friends, despite never meeting. Reading all their blogs, commenting etc takes time. MissM has commented on how much time I spend on my phone, but it's more like reading a book or newspaper these days, as newsfeeds keep me informed, podcasts or youtube clips educate me.

You know about my new hobby - colouring in. WOW, who knew as an adult you could become so engrossed in colouring in? Music on in the background, a coffee or wine in hand, and a couple of hours fly by. You would be amazed and bemused at the equipment some of the people I have met via a Facebook group dedicate to colouring in have! Hundreds of pencils, gel pens, felt makers and more. The stuff I'm producing with 36 Faber Castel pencils and 36 Crayola felt tip pens is just a bit of fun. Part of me is thinking about finding a drawing course to learn how to shade etc.

Then there's the emotional side to the weeks, with MissM's finishing 4th grade in less than 3 weeks. We've had a few end of school year things going on, and G commented how nice of a change it was to arrive/leave with me, rather then me being involved in some capacity. Have to admit, he's right.

G's been flat out at work, with a few trips to London on a new project. Now the weather is kinder, and the days are longer, he's been playing golf often. Ireland has some amazing golf courses and it's really lovely to see him out'n'about in the fresh air, doing something he loves.

We've been struggling with our summer vacation destination this year. Italy last year was easy. We're still non-the-wiser on where we'll go, which means hours of google searching, and researching on trip advisor and checking out flights and hotels. Just when you think you've found something AGH! something happens and no, you don't. Think because we actually don't have a destination in mind - just a holiday type - pool, culture, golf, family time, warm but not too hot, not too far ... we're not fussy, eh.

I promise to try to chat more often,


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