Thursday, 11 June 2015

Dublin Sightseeing: Glorious Sunshine and Ice Cream

My Pic, taken on my phone this morning

Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative, according to Oscar Wilde.

He's possibly being a tad mean.

Conversation about the weather for us in Ireland is a means of keeping things easy going, polite and not too personal. After all, it seldom changes.  I might add here, that when chatting with mum, she'll always ask about the weather - is it dry? wet? hot? windy? and when I tell her, she says, well it's Ireland and that's why it's so green.

It's been a very windy and wet autumn/winter; we've had regular hail storms, lashing rain and huge winds. We've got used to, and we're all totally over wearing coats'n'boots.

When it IS sunny tho, people don't tend to celebrate but rather they jinx it and say 'ah, won't last'. I just laugh and say c'mon, it's SUNNY, let's be positive!

They compare this month to the same one last year - wetter, drier, sunnier, cloudier. If it's an improvement on last year, ah! it won't last.

Mark Twain said, Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get. That's very true here.

We expect it to be summer simply because the months of the calendar dictate it to be so. When the sunshine and warmer weather doesn't arrive, as it's not done this year, you'll hear ah! summers' late this year, or hope we get a summer, or wasn't this bad last year.

When it is sunny in Dublin it's glorious - guess that's true of most places really.

The sunshine lifts your spirit, you tend to smile more, the windows and doors at home are thrown open allowing even the home to take on a new personality. You can, and do, do more.

The past few days have been absolutely glorious!

The Dj on the radio made me laugh out loud when she announced 'another scorcher today with high's of 22'C' - coming from Sydney, that's not a scorcher, that's pleasant.

MissM had a sleepover at a friends last night and I stopped to take these pics on my way to picking her up this morning. This is the beautiful seaside suburb of Sandycove in Co.Dublin.

I'd actually forgotten how close we live to the coast, simply because the weather is so crap, that you don't think about  going for a walk along the pier, or strolling the prom, or watching the boats.

There is a famous ice cream parlour called Teddy's which sells the best 99ers, tho I've been told, the ones from ScrumDiddlys up the road are better (apparently you are a fan of one or the other, it's a friendly rivalry that's been going on for years)

On a hot Saturday or Sunday there are so many people waiting to be served the line winds down the street.

If the weather holds, (see, after 2 years, I've been sucked into the weather doldrums) and it does't look like it as the clouds are moving in already we'll pop down for an ice cream this evening. And if not, there'll be another sunny day to do so.

We're Aussies living in Dublin and we are very optimistic about summer.

We've also learned that John Ruski was right - There is no such thing as bad weather only different kinds of good weather. 

The other saying we relate well to, and in fact, mastered last winter is 'It's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing'.

We have the boots (high heeled for cold weather, rain boots, walking boots, going-out-boots), hats, coats (winter coats, spring coats, rain proof, wind proof - you name it, we own it), gloves, scarves (so very many scarves) so going out in autumn/winter isn't an issue anymore other than it can be bulky and uncomfortable.

Since I started this chat with you, the grey clouds have rolled in, the temperature has dropped a few degrees and the wind has picked up so I've just closed the doors and windows.

We'll have to ice cream from the freezer after dinner, and leave our 99's and stroll along the promenade for another time.

With Friendship

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