Monday, 21 September 2015

ms-havachat is lost without wifi

Lease on new rental home signed.

Online grocery shop done and delivered late on the afternoon the shipment's delivered.

Shipment's delivered.

First night in the house.

First day at school.

First coffee morning at school.

Successfully worked out how to use the appliances in the new house.

Constantly re-arranging furniture and belongings until they feel they are in their new right place.

Realisation that there simply isn't enough storage space (a visit to Ikea is definitely needed).

Girl dating starts with lunch with a few mums from your child's class.

First meeting with International Women's Club.

Diary starting to get full.

Kinda starting to feel like home.

Everything is going well with the move and settling in until you have to get WIFI or broadband connected in your name.

There have been very few moves we've done, or heard about where a provider of WIFI or broadband services is done quickly and efficiently, yet it's one of the most important things that happen to finalise a move - anywhere! You don't have to moving internationally for this to be annoying. Heck, friends have moved a few suburbs away from their original address and had to wait months - they can't take their existing phone number!

Company 1 has bombarded us with promotional material since before we even moved in.

'Dear New Owner/Tenant of No (insert house number)' and so goes the introduction to all manner of deals.

However, the boxes on the wall in the lounge room aren't theirs and we are not about to allow someone to put cables into the property without asking the landlord.

G rang the owners of the box on the wall in the lounge room - Company 2. YES! We were going to contact you as the previous people cancelled their account (bit slow off the mark). The salesperson went thru all the deals and G agreed to one. YEAH.

Oh, wait. The earliest they can have a technician come to connect us is Sept 29th. (This was a few days ago - taken me a while to get back online LOL)


How long without internet????

How long without TV - we've missed the SA vs Japan rugby match, and the new season of Downton Abbey - what else will we miss?

Then Company 1 salesperson rings as a friendly followup call to see how we're doing, has the move been OK, did we receive the flyers in the mail, is there anything they can do ...... their customer service is impressive, shame about the boxes on the wall. The caller checks, and yes, their company has indeed provided services to this property in the past, and a technician could call out to simply see if it's still there and what's involved in reconnecting it. That's DOES sound very good!

Meanwhile, being the heavy FB user than I am and wanting to Skype G while he's in Sydney, and MissM has daily homework that needs to be done online, I opt for Company 3's 5-day WIFI package.

Yep, another provider! When I opened my WIFI connection there were a few open lines, so I clicked on one and got out my credit card. Why didn't I think of that before?

Being 'connected' is so important. How on earth did people cope without it?

I am one of those people who would like to disconnect, but truth be known, just can't.

I LOVE being in touch with friends.

I LOVE knowing that with the touch of a button I am CONNECTED despite the distances.

Whether it's an email to/from Mum, a Skype chat with G or a girlfriend in Dublin, doing research about the local area, using Google maps to know how much time is needed from point A to point B, sharing photos of MissM's first few days at school with grandparents, doing an online grocery shop!

These past few days, with intermittent internet is really frustrating.

Counting the days til the company gets here and connects us properly.

Til then, I'll do my best to chat,

With friendship

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