Monday, 21 September 2015

mshavachat's first award listing

A few months ago, my friend who blogs as Hilda By Design suggested ms-havachat enter the 2015 Irish Blog Awards. So, I did.

In fact, we both did.

It was a big of fun.

It got our blogs out 'there' where ever 'there' is.

THANK YOU to those who voted!

I'm proud to say, ms-havachat was LONG LISTED.

I am officially entitled to add this fabulous button to the website (which I still haven't updated which might be why this is as far as the blog got.)

There were over 5,000 entries as bloggers and readers-of-blogs nominated their favourite blog under various categories.

Apparently there's still voting to be done on the Short Listed entries then a huge Awards Night is planned where the winners of each category are announced.

I would like to wish my good blogger friend LoveTomTom all the best as she made the short list for her category, and deservingly so.  She's an Aussie/Italian living and loving Dublin, Ireland. Her blogs are so stylish.

Have to admit, it was a bit of fun waiting to see just how far ms-havachat could go - and really lovely to see the blog mentioned.

Seems a few people are enjoying it, which is very lovely.

Thanks for the support,


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