Friday, 4 September 2015

ms-havachat on moving - Ground Hogs Day

Between leaving one's home and moving into one's new one, there is sometimes another version of Limbo Land. It's usually spent in a serviced apartment or hotel. You're either needing to find a home to move into, or if you have a home, you are waiting for your shipment to arrive.

This move is complicated for reasons beyond our control, so while we have a house (fingers crossed), and our stuff is only a day away by ferry, we are in a hotel for the foreseeable future.

Welcome to our version of Ground Hogs Day.

The hotel is lovely. Beautiful grounds. Lovely lounge areas.  There's no shopping, cooking etc to be done, but we are literally living in a hotel room. Two beds. Two bedside tables/lights. Two chairs. A table. A writing desk/chair. Mini-bar size fridge (we've taken the alcohol out and replaced it with water and nosh from the supermarket) and TV. The bathroom is a good size.

The wardrobe is big which is great, as we are able to have our clothes out of the suitcases which are neatly tucked in behind the sitting chairs.

We've a HUGE window over looking the back carpark and out onto huge trees.

Fortunately MissM doesn't have homework cos it would be a struggle to sort out space for her to do it.

There are only 2 powerpoints, and with 3 phones, one laptop and one iPad it's been a great lesson in sharing.

We get dressed and walk to breakfast. The same breakfast each morning. How come when you have the same breakfast at home it's not a bother, but when it's hotel buffet style you think no no no, not bacon and eggs again.

We dress for dinner. It's in the same dining room we have breakfast. The room is stunning! And the service is lovely and friendly, and the staff know us now, which is fun. The same kids menu is presented to MissM who has the same friggin meal every single night despite my encouraging something different. I try to jazz things up and have something different to the last few nights, tho it's getting harder. Sadly the menu hasn't changed since we arrived over 10 days ago.

After dinner is really difficult as MissM needs to be in bed asleep which just happens to be next to me and I don't want to go to sleep at 8pm. I pop the earphones into the laptop and have been watching QandA (Australian discussion show) and catching up with Louis Theroux documentaries.

My kindle accidentally got packed with the 'stuff' so I have nothing to read. I could go buy a book but then what would I do with it?

We bought colouring in books and pencils but neither of us are in the mood to do them.

Can you sense my blahness?

Now that school's back, the hotel has been taken over by Conferences.

I'd forgotten how rowdy conference groups can be. So far, they have been incredibly male dominated!

They take over the lounge area near the bar before lunch which means my quite time to blog or catch up on emails is interrupted, and they return before dinner which means we have to excuse ourselves while we walk past them to the dining room.

I'm going to suggest to the manager that they open the 'other' door to the dining room so that non-conference guests can enter the dining room without having to go thru the bar.

After breakfast, we drive to school and I come straight back to the hotel. Have lunch. Pick up from school. Come back to hotel. Have dinner. Go to bed.

Earlier this week, MrsD rang to ask if I wanted to go see some local shopping areas to which I said yes, even tho I'd already done a bit of snooping. It was fun to be with MrsW, another newbie but we ran out of time for lunch/coffee which for those of you who know me can guess how annoying that was.

I had planned to use the time wisely and go to the gym and walk, or walk around Savile Gardens but I've done something to my thigh muscle and need to rest up (which isn't helping the situation)

We've been invited to MrsW's for afternoon tea after school which will be fun.

Then the weekend's here and we have no plans .... see what the weather brings. Might pop into London, or explore the local area a bit more.

Then it'll be Monday again ............

Ground Hog Day.

I can not wait to get into our house, and unpack our stuff and start living again.

This waiting isn't fun.

I am so looking forward to moving into the house and unpacking 138 boxes.

With friendship

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