Sunday, 30 August 2015

ms-havachats arriving phase - Home away from Home

Such a pretty entrance.
Stock photo c/Google images.

Look where are are now calling 'home' - the stunning Macdonald Berystede Hotel and Spa. From the moment we drove into the car park and the porter welcomed us and offered to help us with our luggage, we were impressed.

The lobby is old world full on charm. Can just imagine the fires during winter, and people sipping port after a day out'n'about in Surrey.  MissM grinned and said, this is very posh.

My photo of one area of the main lobby near reception which is
tucked away in a corner, out of the way. 
Check-in was swift and friendly.

We walked down the long corridor to our room, and the porter arrived a few minutes later. I always unpack (do you?) regardless of how long we are in a hotel room. G doesn't mind living out of a suitcase, but I can't. As we're here for goodness knows how long, unpacking made sense, even to him.

Oops, forgot to take a photo before we messed up the room.
Here's a stock photo from Google.

We have a twin share room like in the photo. If you google the hotel, you'll see there are some stunning 4-poster beds, and other equally beautiful rooms.

My one pet hate of hotels is there's seldom enough hangers for clothes or shelves/drawers for clothes. The wardrobe here is ample. There's even a fold away ironing board and iron in the room.

G didn't stay here as he flew to Sydney the night we moved in. Shame, he's missing out on the fun of posh hotel living. When we've arrived at a new location we've usually done serviced apartments, or moved straight into our new home. This is the first time we've lived in a hotel while waiting.

It's not convenient in terms of not being able to make MissM's lunch for school (fortunately there's a great canteen at school), or an afternoon snack (she's thoroughly enjoying the menu offered at the lounge area). We found a laundry to wash clothes; and we emptied the mini bar from the fridge and replaced the contents with our own drinks and cheese and cracker snacks from the supermarket (way less expensive).

I recall a new family to Yokohama spent several months in a hotel while looking for the perfect house.  Remember the chat we had yesterday about breathing and being patient ..... this is another perfect example! I'm reminding myself that soon enough we'll be back to reality, so make the most while it lasts.

I've taken a few photos on my phone to share with you:

The bar area. The only negative is you have to walk thru here
to get to the dining room.

The dining room is where we have breakfast and dinner.
The windows to the left overlook the alfresco dining terrace. 

Perfectly set table.

There are lovely comfy lounge areas to sit and eat, drink or just relax. This is where I've spend most mornings this week. Today I sat at the table at the front with the red bench seat facing the windows overlooking the carpark out to the massive trees. 

The colours, the furniture - love it. 

I have an appointment at the Spa for next week; there's an indoor pool, an outdoor hydro-pool, sauna and gym in a separate building.

Indoor Pool - thanks Google images.
No way I could take such a fabulous shot.

The grounds are simply stunning. Tall trees, manicured gardens and lawns. This place would be perfect for a summer garden party or a wedding (of which they host lots).

Looking thru the gardens to the Spa centre.
The building isn't as modern as this pic suggests but
the gardens are this magical.

The complimentary WiFi is easy to use and very reliable throughout the Hotel. We've got multiple devices linked into it. The only negative with the rooms is a lack of power points to charge everything, but we're managing.

There's ample car parking, tho some is a distance from the entrance, so make sure you've an umbrella with you in case of rain. Suggest dropping bags and family members to the main entrance before parking the car when you arrive.

We are very content in our posh, home-away-from-home, tho as lovely as it is to be waited on, not have to shop, cook, clean etc, I can't wait to get into our house ASAP.

We've enjoyed our stay so far and joined 'The Club' loyalty program as the Macdonald Hotel group have hotels all over the UK and a few in Spain. If they are all like this, we'll be regular guests for sure.

For what it's worth, I highly recommend the hotel.

With friendship

PS: Please know these comments are all mine, no one else's. I've not been paid for this review or received any form of compensation/reward.  It's simply another chat about the arriving phase of Adventure No5 Part 2.

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