Friday, 30 October 2015

ms-havachat's discovering Surrey, UK: Longacres.

Welcome to the first (of many) ms-havachat discovering Surrey, UK series of chats.

I met a friend for coffee this morning and as a result, discovered the most amazing place.

LONGACRES is 'the UK's premier garden source of gardening supplies' with outlets across the country. There's one less than 20 minutes away from our house!

As soon as I walked inside with MrsD, my senses were aroused by the sights before me.  I just had to take photos and share them with you. If you are living in the UK you probably already know about this chain of stores, but if you are new to the UK, or visiting, you really should check them out.

I've decided it's my new favourite place to shop.

Bit too early for Christmas decorations, but one can not but be impressed with the size and range of Christmas 'stuff' on sale here.

Think of what you might want for Christmas decorations, for indoors or outdoors, any size, colour and you're bound to find it. The wall of tinsel amazed me, let alone the silk poinsettia's, gold candles, Christmas crockery, lights (indoors/outdoors) etc.

We had a coffee, and chatted for a couple of hours. MrsD had to go home and do a few chores, and I happily stayed and roamed the shop, several times before making a few purchases. By the time we left, the cafe was FULL, with a line of people waiting for a table.

The Foodhall!

The Butcher!

The Baker!

The fruit and veggies!

There's even an American Food Section!

The Clothes!




The Cooking section!

Of course, being the Uk's premier gardening suppliers you can well imagine the range of things here. It was raining so I didn't venture too far outside, but OMG! the nursery went for miles. I so wish we owned our own home sometimes. I'd LOVE to create a garden landscape.

And let's not forget pets.




Not as crazy as Japan pet stores, but a huge range none the less.

I've been looking for bird feeders. MissM LOVED feeding the cockatoos and lorikeets at her grandparents place while we were in Sydney and while we probably won't hand feed the birds in our UK garden, we can still enjoy seeing them eating from the feeders. The range of  bird feeders at Longacres is exhaustive. Will pop back with MissM so she can choose which one/s we'll pop in the garden.

I'm keeping the best til last .................

An entire SHED of flowers!

Every colour you can think of!

You simply choose the bunches you want, and take them home, or they have florists there to create bouquets or gifts; the range of vases was also impressive (and dare I say, very reasonably priced).

My Ikebana brain kicked in and I was off! Just have to find my Ikebana containers (still have several boxed to unpack) and I'll be here every single week.

There were a few people pushing trolleys overflowing with flowers. I asked one of them if they were a florist, which they were and they said how good the range/price and quality of the flowers were - sold!

£96.47 later I drove home, very content with my purchases.

Disclaimer: All photos are ms-havachat's. Longacre has no idea I'm blogging about them :)

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