Monday, 2 November 2015

ms-havachats on about Monday Blues and Kids

(Reference to the Big Bang Theory for those of you wondering WT)

All morning, I've had Soft Kitty in my head.

MissM's not well today. The English and Irish would say, "she's poorly" (have you ever heard this phrase before? It was new to me too a few years ago)

Not sick. Not unwell.

"Poorly" enough to not be at school, or maybe I just couldn't be bothered arguing with her at 7am.

With no specific plans today, it wasn't hard to agree she could stay home but tomorrow will be different as I've a meeting.

Working mums must put up more of  a fight to get their kids out of bed and to school - especially if there are no apparent signs of illness or no one around to pop over and be with the kid/s.

We all go thru the checklist - fever? rash? coughing and spluttering? vomiting?

If none of the above is happening, or happened over night, working parents have no choice but to send the kids to school and hope for the best. Tho, school nurses probably don't agree. It is grossly unfair to send a sick kid to school, work or not. In fact, it's unfair for anyone to be out'n'about if they are genuinely unwell (more than poorly)

While the above is a tad harsh, it's sometimes nice to let the kids have a mid-week pj day at home. It's kinda naughty, a school-sickie for no real reason (or is that teaching them bad values?) Having a pj day on the weekend is so different to one midweek. Like going to the the cinema at 11am and not in the evening.

Sometimes life is too fast and too busy for the little ones, they need time to just chill out. Heck, sometimes we grown ups need time out!

Mum let my brother and I have the odd day off school to sleep .... to rest ..... especially as we both suffered from growing pains, and I from menstruating cramps. When we were little she would have to  stay home with us, or my grandmother would come over to look after us, and when we were older we stayed home alone. We knew we couldn't do it too often, and there was a huge difference between being home sick and just 'being home'. It gave us a sense of trust I think - we did know the difference and didn't flaunt it.

There's hormones to deal with too!

Puberty is incredibly tiring and taxing on the body.

MissM's not well, tho she is poorly.  While there's no fever, no other signs of illness, she's not 100% - she's way too quiet! We had a busy time in Sydney ... she went right back to school ....... there's a huge change in weather for us (from hot and humid to cold, wet and grey); late nights with family and friends; 3 weeks of not sleeping in her own bed all adds up.

She's quietly laying on the lounge under the minky blanket keeping warm and not complaining about not being allowed on her phone, tablet or TV.

I'm off to sing Soft Kitty.

Can't make chicken soup as I've no ingredients :( and there's no one to come sit with her while I go shopping.

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