Thursday, 21 January 2016

ms-havachat paints

What a great night!

MrsB invited MrsC and I to join her at a popup art night near London.

MissM went over to MrsC (gotta love a friend who's also a neighbour) so we could get an early train into London, until G collected her and they had their usual daddy/daughter fun evening with out me.

We met at Clapham Junction (such a busy train station) and MrsB had called UBER for a ride to get us to our destination quickly.

The Jam Tree is a funky, trendy cafe/bar/restaurant in Clapham that was the venue for our pop up art class. We had a delicious dinner and a glass of wine and go thru most of our chatting before going into the class.

Thanks Google for the photo.

Thanks Google - the bar was crowded and I wasn't able to get a great photo.

Google image. THIS is the wonderful door we walked thru
to go to class! Felt like going thru the wardrobe in Narnia.

We were chatting so much over dinner (and our wine) that we were the last 3 to enter the class (typical). Fortunately we'd not missed that much. Two ladies kindly moved so that the 3 of us could sit together.

All the canvas' were set up on long tables, and all we needed to do was done an apron and get some paint onto our pallet (see top photo)

Our French instructor explained what we were to do 'add much much water to your biggest brush. Add paint to brush and do this (and he started to paint). We painted to his verbal instructions and watching him actually paint. He'd wander the room from time to time, looking and suggesting things to do but we were pretty much left to our own creativity.

Top image was our goal.
Bottom image was the instructors, step by step visual  guide.

OK - add much much water to brush and start to paint.

We started with yellow.

We added red.

We highlighted with white.

Getting started was nerve wrecking and fun.

Some people were confident and chose their own colours.

Phew. It's nerve wrecking putting paint right onto a canvas when you're not sure what you are doing. I  thought I'd paint like I used to use a microwave, a little bit at a time, building from light to heavy cos it's easier to add than take away, right?

Next came the scary bit - the outline of the skyline. I wish we had a pencil and eraser so we could draw first and paint second, but no. Paint brush, a little bit of paint and draw.

So not to scale!

Then we painted in the black. This bit was the most fun for me as it was just a solid paint job.
MrsC's finished piece at the front, mine's in the middle and
MrsB's at the end. 

TA DAAAAAA! Mine, close up.

The dripping paint is deliberate (G wasn't sure about it when I showed him. He thought I was impatient and some the paint had run). That was just water over the damp paint.

It's not that bad for a first attempt over a two hour period, tho it will take time to work out where, if anywhere we'll hang it. MissM is very proud of me and wants it next to her Minnie Mouse painting.

It was a really fun night with friends.

I'd recommend it :)

With friendship

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