Monday, 8 February 2016

ms-havachat discovering Surrey, UK: Dining at Brickmakers, Windlesham.

Thanks for the professional photo, Google Images.

When asking friends for recommendations on where to eat, more often than not they recommend a Gastro Pub - a restaurant in a pub (at least around here)

The term Gastro Pub was coined in 1991 at the Eagle Pub in Clerkenwell, London by the owners as a means to increase business they felt they were loosing to the increasing numbers of restaurants in the area.

Many pubs were experiencing a downturn as people would pop in for a drink, then leave to eat somewhere else.

In 1980, there were 69,000 pubs in the UK, today that number has dropped to around 48,000 according to statistics. In order to keep their business going, many pub owners have converted the 'pub' into a restaurant/pub to capture the custom of 'everyone'

Traditional English pub food, fish'n'chip, steak'n'ale pies, bangers'n'mash and the Sunday roast were given facelift and a new genre, Pub Grub.

Soon, pubs were recruiting 'named' Chefs as opposed to cooks, waiting staff were more experienced and a new style of dining emerged.

We're very used to gastro pubs as they have taken Sydney and many other parts of Australia by storm. In fact, it's rather hard to find an ol' fashioned, drinking-mans-pub these days. They've all be taken over by consortiums, or Chefs and produce fantastic food.

10 Gastropubs in the UK attract the attention of Michelin. Click here for the list. You might need to book months ahead for dinner, so get cracking.

MissM and I had dinner with friends when we first arrived in Surrey and enjoyed it. The kids had burgers, chicken etc, while MrsD and I had fish'n'chips. It was a fun, fast paced meal and we didn't have to worry about shopping, preparing, cooking or cleaning up. Perfect!

G and I went for our first 'date night' since arriving in UK just before Christmas and it was enjoyable. Nothing fancy, but good food at good prices.

G's meat platter was a bit more green than he would have liked, but
he enjoyed it.
My buffalo tomato was delicious, stuffed with baked courgettes.

nom nom nom
LOVE a great steak.
Appreciate the mushroom sauce being served on the side in the little pot
so I could control the amount of sauce needed.

G's Platter of pork comprised of pork tenderloin, ribs,
pork cheek pie and veggies.

The service was friendly and attentive. You could tell the regular diners, as staff were chatting with them about their Christmas break, and commenting on the New Year. 

The restaurant was full, and the tables are close together but you don't feel squashed. 

The pub section (aka, drinkers) was buzzing. 

We're looking forward to going back in spring/summer and making use of the garden - BBQ, hamburgers - be a fun Saturday night out with friends and the kids. 

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  1. Loved to hear the background on the Castro Pub!
    Gosh, this all looks YUM! Delighted you guys got out for a date night xx

    1. Thanks Hilda by Design. It was interesting doing that little bit of research. A local drinking pub, which has played such an important iconic role in the lives of people in the UK and elsewhere is slowly disappearing. It's sad in many ways as it was a lifeline for many.