Monday, 29 February 2016

ms-havachat discovering Surrey UK - Dining at Fox and Hound

We've been here nearly 5 months as a family, and have been out for dinner just the two of us a few times, and with friends/kids a couple of times.

We've hosted a couple of lunches at home, and had people over for afternoon tea.

Far from a hectic social life, but one we are content with.

Last Saturday night we headed out for dinner with two couples and had a really lovely night out. The conversation flowed. There were lots of different topics. Everyone joined in. We laughed.

Sometimes when you're an expat, hanging out with expats, all you have in common is expat life and kids. It's the sign a real friendship is developing when you can talk about other things even if you've only known each other 6 months or so. Add to that the husbands get along and VOILA! Happy times.

We ate at the Fox and Hounds for the first time and enjoyed it.

We were seated at a lovely old fashioned table with 6 comfy high back fabric chairs and given menus. The waitress explained we should place our orders quickly as a large group booking was about 20 minutes behind us and she didn't want our orders getting held up. Appreciative of the notice, we stopped chatting and ordered.

Entree: simple grilled scallops with pretty morsels of yumminess; baked camembert with a board laden with breads, and not-so salt'n'pepper squid served in a basket with lemon.

I absolutely love Monk fish. It's a white, thick meaty fish full of flavour and for the life of me, I simply can not cook it at home, regardless of the recipe I follow. So when ever it's on the menu, that's my main meal.

Monk fish scampi was a special. Yes please.

G saw triple cooked chips on the menu. Yes please.

Mains: MrW and MrsD enjoyed their Fish'n'chips; Monk Fish scampi  (I have never seen Monk fish deep fried before, so was rather surprised to see it presented this way. Mind you, I didn't ask how it was prepared, so my bad.) MrsW's green chicken curry and rice was tasty, and G and MrD's duck with Asian greens was delicious (thanks to a mouthful G offered me to taste)

Have to say my skinny fries reminded me of the oven baked McCain's we cook at home, and they were soft; the triple cooked fries weren't crispy either. Everyone happily ate their meals but we all agreed that if the fries were crispier we would have enjoyed it even more.

Sadly the yummiest part of the meal has the worst photos. DESERT was amazing! The home made apple crumble was delicious and the cinnamon ice cream was the perfect accompaniment. G and MrD had the chocolate fondant. It oozed gooey hot chocolate as soon as they put their spoon into it. The ice cream melted into the river of chocolate. YUMMY! MrsW's raspberry tart was very tasty but the photo didn't do it justice, so I didn't include it.

The service was friendly and efficient.

The ambience was pleasant. The restaurant was fully booked, and even with the larger party you didn't feel crowded and the noise level was fine.

For the 6 of us, including drinks (one bottle of wine, one glass of Prosecco and Coke's) was just under £250. With tip, it worked out at £90 per couple. If I convert that to Aussie dollars, it's $175 (or €115) which IMHO is expensive for what it was, which was a pub meal.

The Fox and Hound has a lovely outdoor area which we'll definitely come back and try, with a meal over the warmer months. Maybe a simple burger and fries will suffice.

MrsD said there's a gate into Great Windsor Park opposite the pub. Me thinks it might be fun to drive here, go for a walk then return for lunch.

All in all a very pleasant night out with friends, and stuff the expense.

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