Sunday, 6 March 2016

ms-havachat discovering Surrey UK - Lunch at The Wheatsheaf, Virginia Waters

Freshly painted Wheatsheaf, London Road, Virginia Water
(Shame the day was so grey)

The Wheatsheaf on London Road, Virginia Waters has had a facelift and thank goodness it's just not on the outside! The fresh white paint, with grey trimming is very attractive, and the new signs are great. Who knew it was part of the Goodnight Inn group?

I've only been here a couple of times at the suggestion of others. Up til now, it just wasn't a favourite. The interior was dated and a tad musty, the service was o-kay, not great, and the food was average. Considering there are so many other places to eat or meet for a coffee it was easily forgotten.

MrsD and I did enjoy hot chips and a coke last September on a sunny day in the outdoor dining area tho those days are long gone now and very much missed as winter simply will not let up in the UK. I could easily imagine on a sunny weekend, enjoying a pub lunch with friends and their families before or after a walk around Virginia Lake.

Apologies for the grey skies. The Conservatory and outside eating
areas will be amazing over spring/summer.

On they way home from a morning putting last week, MrsW and I thought we'd pop in and SEE what, if anything was going on inside the Wheatsheaf, hoping that if the outside looked as lovely and fresh as it was, that maybe the interior had a face lift too.

What a beautiful make over this place has had.

Very happy to come back for lunch, or dinner and be inside, as well as out.

The soft tones of colour are very much in keeping with the era of the pub. As the waitress said, they new management have done just enough to update it without taking away it's charm.

Each dining area offering a different ambience with interesting
wall paper and fittings. 
The menu is HUGE!

Servings are generous.

Prices are reasonable.

Service professional and friendly.

All the things you want when you go out for a meal, no matter how much or little you are spending.

Menu takes a while to read it's so big.
The other side is drinks. 

An Indian feast for one. 

Simple but delicious burger

With drinks and tea/coffee our bill was under £30 for two.

I noticed a friend posted a pic to their Instagram account over the weekend that they too were suitably impressed with the make over and food.

Congratulations to the design team, management and staff of Wheatsheaf. You've done a great job and we're all happy to share the good news.

If you're in the area (Savill Gardens, Great Windsor Park, Virginia Waters, Ascot, Englefield Green) be sure to pop in for a meal - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

With friendship

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