Monday, 28 March 2016

ms-havachat discovering Surrey UK - Dinner at Belvedere Arms, Ascot.

Taken with my Samsung phone on a glorious autumn day!
Just LOOK at the blue sky!

The Belvedere Arms is situated on a bend on the London Road on the way into Ascot as you leave Englefield Green/Virginia Waters side of London Road. As you come around the bend, (the pub is on your right) you see the huge trees, the gorgeous outdoor furniture.

It conjures up memories of sunny weekends at any number of pubs in Sydney.

Bring on Spring!

MrsD and I popped in two weeks ago for a look-see for an event we're considering hosting in March '17 (nothing like being organised).  I lagged behind taking photos and oo-ing and ahh-ing, imagining what it'll be like here come those long, European days as summer sets in, sitting on these comfy chairs with a GnT in hand, noshing on a burger with friends.

Bring on Spring!

Taken with my Samsung - what a pretty setting.
Bet this place is packed on a sunny weekend.

Who ever designed the outdoor area really took time to consider the ambience the little stream offered. Big, comfy chairs and lounges. Huge umbrella's. Big tables. I loved the seating along side the water. Close your eyes and imagine - sunshine, beer in hand, reading the newspaper waiting for lunch to be served. AHHHH Bliss.

Having been very impressed with the ambience, we decided to come back for dinner with husbands (leave kids at home) to check out the food as we didn't have time for lunch (school pick up was beckoning). Here's the link to the menus, if you're interested in checking them out.

G, MissM and I were rather peckish last Saturday and I was feeling lazy, so I suggested we try the Belvedere for dinner. With no reservation, (it's very difficult to eat anywhere around here on a Friday or Saturday night without a reservation) we crossed our fingers and hoped we were early enough to sneak in/out before the adult dinners arrived.

The maitre'd was very kind and offered us a table (in a rather empty restaurant) so long as he could have the table by 7.30pm, which was fine with us. The waiters were quietly busy reorganising tables around us for later diners, and it was done so effortlessly we hardly noticed.

The area is completely open plan, with tables and chairs scattered in various sized groupings. The long bar, was well lit with high back chairs ready for patrons.

The fridges were FULL with bottles of wine and champagne. This place feels like it nows how to show it's patrons a great time.

There were several things on the menu that took our fancy, and we decided on pizza for MissM, scallops and pork belly for G, and salmon fillet with veggies for me. While we waited, I sipped on Pinto Grigio, G on coke and MissM had a hot chocolate, and we noshed on tangy crisps.

The service was quiet and pleasant, the food was presented well and tasted nice, but again, like other gastro pubs we've eaten in, didn't grab us (we're beginning to think we're just spoilt Australians). We weren't left with WOW or 'must come back here', tho if someone suggested going we'd be happy to.

Then we ate dessert!

Oh. My. Goodness.

The sticky toffee pudding was delicious as you can see by the very empty plates!

We were done by 7.10pm and home by 7.20pm in time to change into our pjs' and cuddle on the couch to watch a few The Amazing Race episodes, which we thoroughly enjoy as a family. I chatted about it here. 

I think the Belvedere Arms is going to be my spring/summer favourite place simply for the location and the atmosphere created by the outdoor areas. And the sticky toffee pudding.

With friendship

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