Monday, 21 March 2016

ms-havacaht loves The Amazing Race but not for reasons you might think.

We LOVE The Amazing Race in our house.

Do you know it? Do you watch it? What do you think?

HUGE shout out to MrsH for recommending it to me a few months ago!

We have come to the popular TV show years after it started (it's in the 28th season) but that's ok. Timing works in mysterious ways and the timing for us is perfect (explain in a sec)

Launched in 2001 on American TV channel, CBS, the global franchise is now filmed in 13 countries.

The gist of each show is simple. Eleven couples (any combination of relationship) race around the world. At each destination teams compete in various challenges (mental, physical) based on a set of instructions. When they complete each challenge to the satisfaction of a 'judge', they learn their next challenge or destination. The last team to 'check in' at the end of the leg 'may be eliminated'.

There are twists and turns which make it interesting too.

The winning team of each leg wins a prize.

Obviously, the last team standing wins; and they win the $US1million.

So, why are we hooked?

The travel component of the show is amazing. They go to incredible countries and as a result of the challenges, you see unique places that might make it onto a to-do list if you were to visit the place. It's enjoyable when they go to a city you've experienced (been there, saw that, remember that)

There's geography based conversations - Where is it? What's it near? Landscapes. Farming. MissM's favourite is 'do we know anyone from there'. Excellent opportunities to get out the atlas (yes, we have an atlas in the house, don't you?. G reaches for his phone to Google while I encourage the book)

Food, music, culture - wow! Thank goodness we are all so different! Tho some of the food we can definitely give a miss (dried python was the most recent WT? moment)

We won't complain about peak hour traffic anymore now we've seen it in other parts of the world.

Helps add to the ever growing bucket list, which is more of a wish list these days as places are added far more quickly than they are removed due to being experienced.

The huge lessons (unknowingly) learnt each and every episode are the ones to do with the teams, and with Exhibition (read blog here) happening this term at school, the timing is perfect!

In grownup terms it's things like:

  • Successful teams are based on communication, support, encouragement, empathy, compassion, respect, honesty, the various roles people play, acknowledging everyones strengths and weaknesses and using them appropriately etc.
  • Karma is a bitch (tho we've changed the phrase for MissM's ears)
  • Paying it forward is good for the soul. 
  • Challenging yourself beyond what is comfortable is tricky and very rewarding.
  • Learning things about yourself (good or bad) is beneficial.
  • Setting goals and aspiring for success is good.

MissM's ability to see what's working and not working in the teams is incredible. MrsH, you were right (not that I ever doubted you) The show is a fantastic teaching tool and the kids have no idea!

  • If only they read ALL the instructions before rushing off they'd know what to do.
  • Ugh, why did they take a taxi when they were told to walk.
  • They lied to get ahead and now they are in last place. Serves them right. 
  • WOW, they did the challenge 37 times before they got it. That's patience for you.
  • They are so rude to each other/the taxi driver/the other teams.
  • They stopped to help the other team who were struggling, knowing they would fall behind in the race. Lucky they still made it to the mat in time and aren't eliminated. 
  • Crying gets you absolutely no where. 
  • They are so friendly and helpful with each other and towards the other teams. They deserve to win that leg. 
  • They lied and still won the leg. That's not fair. Tho check out how embarrassed they looked when they got caught out by the host of the show. 
  • Even it takes forever to do the challenge, finish it well. Even if you're eliminated, it doesn't matter cos you tried your best.
  • The man who couldn't swim kept getting all the water challenges and he still did them. How brave is he!
  • Why does he never listen to her? She has good ideas. 
  • Thank goodness they just finished the leg in time which is good as they had a hard time. 
  • That's not fair. The other team should have won. They didn't play fair during the challenge. 
The list goes on. 

We've had such interesting conversation as a result of watching the show. 

We've all learned a lot, and it's been great family time in front of the TV on wet weekends. 

Watching last night's episode (we've recorded them), I mentioned to MissM that the challenge of making paper from cow dung in Sri Lanka was a great example of how animals and people work together in an environmentally friendly way. She replied 'that might be good to share for Exhibition'. 

That's my girl.

With friendship

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