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ms-havachat's Discovering Surrey: Great Fosters, Surrey, UK.

Great Fosters courtesy of a professional photo on Google Images.

Great Fosters in Egham, Surrey is a 17th century mansion house, overflowing with history.  Great Fosters is a magnificent boutique hotel offering a variety of dining experiences and private gardens.

As a Grade 1 listed building, Great Fosters has been placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or History Interest.  It means it may not be demolished, renovated or altered without special permission form the local planning authority without consulting the central government agency to ensure what work required is done within keeping with the original building (thanks Google search)

Simply put - it ensures the magnificent history of architecture continues to be enjoyed, along with the history of the people who once lived/worked within them.

It's why millions of people travel to the UK, Ireland and Europe - to experience the history the buildings offer.

Great Fosters is also a local icon. It's on the list of places one might go with overseas visitors for a 'special meal' or a celebratory afternoon tea. They are also a popular venue for weddings and offer several private dining rooms for bespoke experiences.

I was so touched when MrsC invited me to lunch there for my birthday recently. I had heard so many wonderful things about the place, and G and I had thought 'we'll leave it for a special occasion' so to be taken there was very special.

Having not been before, I was gobsmacked from the moment we drove into the place. When I saw the building, even thru the rain I could see how stunning it was.

The entrance door is delightful! So tiny, and unique. The porters must have fun schlepping suitcases in/out, but for me, absolutely the most gorgeous door I have ever walked through.


The lobby takes your breath away. I simply LOVE Listed Buidings! I know my BFF MrsH in Sydney would positively love this place. Every nook had something special to offer. The luxurious chairs, the floral displays, antique furniture - they don't make lobby's like this very often anymore.

Lobby, taken with my phone camera.
We were greeted by several staff with simple smiles and a soft 'good afternoon ladies' and at reception told that 'someone will be with your shortly to escort you into the restaurant'. How exciting!

We had a glass of champagne next to the windows overlooking the gardens (which I will definitely need to visit again as it was raining), and then escorted to our table in The Estate Grill, one of several restaurants.

The view entering the restaurant. 

I think I might have gasped out loud!

The light!
The ceiling!
The colour scheme!
The decor!

One of the most serene and beautiful dining rooms ever!

MrsC and I were in awe (she's had afternoon tea here before, but in a different room). We looked like twits walking around ooh-ing and aah-ing and taking photos, but didn't care.

Seriously felt like we were inside an old church. The ceiling
was so high and decorative. This photo does not do the room justice.
My camera didn't capture the room as well as this professional photo

The waiter was so patient with us, and once we were seated and calmed down, he explained the tapas inspired menu, then left us to consider our choices. The sommelier joined us and said he'd be very happy to help us choose wines to accompany our dishes once we'd made our selection, or he could recommend a bottle of wine - we chose the bottle hehehehehe

Lunch is served ........... it was artistic, colourful, delicious.

Beetroot, walnut, apple and puffed rice

OMG the quail!!!!!!!!!!!! Described on the menu 'hay roasted stuffed quail"

Sumptuous Salmon ..... sured salmon, oyster, gin and cucumber.

Sensational scallops ..... scallops, lomo, fennel


We only had coffee to finish. 

What a lunch. 

A truly memorable and so special birthday treat from my dear friend MrsC. 

If you know you'll be in the area, you absolutely have to make a reservation to dine here, at the very least, enjoy afternoon tea and let me know what you think. 

PS: This blog is totally independent of Great Fosters. They don't even know I was going to write one. 

With friendship

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