Wednesday, 3 August 2016

ms-havachat Discovering Surrey: Dining at Marco Pierre White, Windsor

Our family LOVES Marco Pierre White. Our 12 year old daughter might be one of his biggest fans, even tho she probably wouldn't eat most of the food he cooks (she has a very selective palette, so maybe, she SHOULD meet him and he could influence a few more foods into her diet)

Marco appears regularly as a guest judge on Australia's Masterchef, and while he's a bit gruff, he's also full of affection for the contestants, and food. He expects nothing less than each person giving 100% of themselves, what ever that might be. We giggle every time he peers over the top of his glasses. He's one of the those people who, when silent, says a lot.

We smiled often at the YES MARCO he would shout to the contestants, and they'd repeat, a tad frazzled YES MARCO.

This saying about dreams is something our daughter really liked.

My husband ate at MPW in Dublin and still, over 12 months later, still talks about it. Still not quite sure how we never ate there.

Thanks again, Google images.

Long story short, there's a MPW in Windsor at the Castle Hotel. We'd walked past a few times and commented how we should go one night .......... last week my husband did something he seldom does. HE made a reservation for dinner without consulting me and we had one of the loveliest date nights we've had in a long time. (Usually I'm the social director. Who's the social director at your place?)

The entrance to the restaurant is just to the right of the entrance to the Hotel and, if you know of Marco's personality (or at least the one he shows on television), it's VERY him. There's a definite presence about the place.

L: Walking thru entrance of Hotel.
R: Restaurant reception, with Marco peering down, watching.

After a warm welcome, we were escorted to our table. The restaurant was busy for a Monday night, with several tables of diners already seated, drinking and looking at menues. G had already looked online and knew what he was  having for dinner, so it was left to me to decide. Even tho it's a steakhouse, I opted for seafood and G had lobster followed by pork (which we don't cook at home).

Entree: Crispy Devilled Whitebait (Delicious)
 Marco's Lobster Macaroni (YUM!)

Mains: Seared YellowFin Tuna with Panzenella Salad (OMG YUM!)
and Pork Belly Marco Polo (SO GOOD!)

Sticky Toffee Pudding - the waiter poured the sauce for us.

We sat and chatted between courses.

We drank wine.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

We are looking forward to going back soon.

There's a kids eat free offer which we'll do before MissM starts school in a few weeks as a celebration of the summer holidays.

If you're local to Windsor, and you dine here, I really hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

With friendship

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