Friday, 20 January 2017

ms-havachat eating out at The Dog and Partridge, Sunninghill, Ascot.

Check out the blue sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you're new to an area, you know where you need to go and how to get there and that's about it. If you're going somewhere new, you're in the hands of the Sat Nav Gods and could end up where you need to be (which is always great) or somewhere else (which is frustrating)

When you're new to an area, you soon learn to make getting lost fun, unless you've an appointment then it's so-not-fun.

You see, you discover things you wouldn't normally see when you're lost.

You're in new territory that you might not otherwise have ever needed, bothered to go.

Yesterday, MrsH and I weren't so much lost as in ended up at the 'wrong' pub, which as it turns out was great!

We discovered the Dog and Partridge in Sunninghill.  Parking's bit of a nightmare, but we managed to find one down a side street. I would suggest, if you're there on a Friday or Saturday night, to taxi there'n'back or be prepared to walk.

The fire was lit, which for once I was very grateful for as the air has a real cut-thru-ice chill to it lately.  We were offered a seat in two very differently designed areas - and chose the more traditional as it was closer to the fire.

The more traditional dining are

The funky dining area towards the front of the pub

Our lovely fireplace with an eclectic wall above.

The service was friendly and efficient. We ordered drinks and food and sat and chatted. MrsH and I haven't seen each other in person for about 3 years, so there was lots to talk about.

The wine list is very broad, the food menu had lots of yummy sounding pub-food choices. MrsH ordered salmon on onion tart and I had my all time fav fish, monkfish and swapped mash for salad (aren't I a good girl).

Just before we left, we wandered outside to find a very clever UK oriented beer garden (that's an Aussie term for outdoor drinking/dining area). When you first walk out of the building there's a covered area with bright coloured cushions ...... then the perimeter of the area is also covered, with seating and tables. The centre is open to the elements.

Outdoor dining (aka beer garden)

If you're lunching midweek, stroll thru Sunninghill Village shopping centre. There's lovely bespoke boutiques to mooch around. A short drive, and you're at Windsor Park, Savill Gardens, Ascot, Windsor. Everything is this area is a short drive thru woodland lines roads.

It's a very beautiful part of the world.

The Dog and Partridge was a very lovely find.

For more information please click here for their website.

With friendship

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