Tuesday, 31 January 2017

ms-havachat eats out in Surrey - Misogu Japanese, Windsor

You should know by now we love our food, we enjoy eating out and we especially love Japanese food.

What's difficult with enjoying a cuisine as much as we do, is that, having lived in Japan and eaten the food there (which funnily enough is simply called food), we're spoilt. Seldom does sushi or sashimi or udon or tempura meet our expectations, so when we do find a restaurant that comes close, we're very happy ... when we find one that equals our expectations we're delighted!

My physio very tentatively recommended Misugo in Windsor, as she knew we'd lived in Japan and thought we might like it. She loves it. She wasn't too sure we would and was nervous in doing so, but I was happy to accept her recommendation, make a reservation and try it - we've eaten some pretty horrible, expensive Japanese meals so figured we had nothing to loose.

Our photo's say it all ........ 3 very happy little Vegemites.

I thoroughly enjoy and recommend starting
with awarm Sake

This is the 'second' order of the night.
Too busy eating the first few dishes to take photos.
Sushi, soft shell crab, Katsu, gyoza and tempura prawn in nori wrap.

The hotate (scallop) were plump and juicy and delicious.

The unagi (eel) was BBQ'd to perfection and served warm (missed the sauce tho)

The ikura (salmon balls wrapped in nori and rice) are tweens' favourite, and these were big, slippery delicious balls of yumminess.

The mature (tuna) and sake (salmon) were de-lic-ious.

As we were celebrating tween's first term report, her very pleasing first term exam results, G's birthday, and our anniversary we were thrilled to have found a local Japanese restaurant to have dinner.

I phoned my physio and said THANK YOU .... she was delighted and relived!

Misugo offers dining in and take away service.

The restaurant is small, so I'd advise booking.

It's reasonably priced, but Japanese does tend to be 'expensive', but for the quality of the food, the presentation and flavours, it's worth every yen, I mean cent. Tho if you don't over indulge like us, you might get out of it cheaper than we did. We really need to learn to pace ourselves.

For more information, please go to their website 
(Don't email them your booking - call! They don't read their emails LOL)

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