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ms-havachat eating out in Oxford - Vault Garden Cafe

Gorgeous Entrance
Whenever I go to Oxford, I take the train via Reading. Parking can be a nightmare in/around Oxford, even at the park'n'ride. I don't mind catching trains. I enjoy watching the changing countryside and people watching, or I listen to a podcast on my phone. Oxfords a 'walking city' tho a lot of locals cycle between colleges, and of course there are LOTS of tourists to dodge.

Once away from the hustle and bustle of the High Street, as you walk between colleges, along cobblestone streets and laneways, you are walking in a by-gone era. It's fabulous!

This visit, I was meeting a friend for lunch at the Vault Cafe. We'd not caught up for ages and all we really wanted to do was drink coffee, enjoy lunch and chat. My last visit I did the same, tho at the MacDonald Hotel (and it was also a lovely day)

The Vault Garden Cafe is a delightful alternative to any High Street Cafe simply because of it's unique location, set in Oxford University's Old Congregation House, dating back to 1320.

Did you see that date?

Imagine the bazillions of people that have walked on the same cobble stones as me in this area!

MIND BOGGLING and somehow rather calming.

It helps you realise that no matter what, the world keeps turning ....... life goes on. It might be different, but it goes on.

Between the train station and the Vault Cafe, I stopped to notice the doors ...... so many charming, old doors. I'm still collecting photos for my DOORS AND WINDOWS OF EUROPE coffee table album, and while I've numerous similar ones, these grabbed my attention.

I arrived at the cafe a wee bit earlier than my friend, so I walked around the square. The sun was shining.  The sky was blue. It was a tad chilly out of the sunshine, but it was a glorious day and I fell in love with Oxford just a little bit more.

We sipped (a rather good coffee) in the garden of the Vault Cafe, looking at the blue sky and watching people going in and out of the Sheldonian Theatre.

Check out that blue English sky!

The Sheldonian Theatre was built over five years, from 1664 and is one of the universities main buildings. Today it's a ceremonial hall, where students are admitted to the University, receive their degrees as well as being used as the Universities Parliament. It's open to the public when not being used for official business (which it was while we were there, so another reason to go back)

The grounds of the Church where the Vault Garden Cafe is, is very pleasant. The spring flowers were in bloom, the tables and chairs were a hotchpotch of styles.

Once inside, the vaulted ceiling takes your breath away. Again, the age of this place is incredible and yet, here you can sit sipping coffee and eating delicious food while goodness knows what generations have done before.

Besides the history and atmosphere of the place, it's location is perfect. The food being served looked and smelled delicious, for a number of reasons I didn't eat, but my friend did and she said it was one of the most delicious lunches she's had in ages.

As I love Oxford and there's still so much to discover, I know I'll be back to the Vault.

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