Sunday, 5 March 2017

ms-havachat eats out in Ascot - AYA Court in Ascot

If you've been following ms-havacaht for a while, you'll know a few things about my little family.

We enjoy eating out and we LOVE Asian food.

We've driven past Aya Court on the way to/from Ascot for the past 18 months and today was the first time we ate there, but it won't be the last.

Looks can be deceiving - the restaurant is light and airy and big!

To the left of the entrance, there's an intimate dining area with a bench seat, and today there were 3 tables set up and if I recall, you could sit 6 people, maybe 7 along the bench and the same opposite; plus two smaller tables for two.

To the right of the entrance, is the larger dining area, with lots of natural light and a door leading onto the outdoor yard (bottom right photo) area with a fountain (it was empty, but I'm guessing that's cos it's winter, and in spring/summer it would be very nice to enjoy a pre-dinner drink out here.

Past the bar, there's another smaller dining area (the centre left photo) remember this was once a house, so the flow of smaller rooms makes sense. The smaller dining areas are intimate but you don't feel separate (maybe the one in the front).

There's two more surprises left!

One is an outdoor dining area (centre right photo), and the other is a second floor of tables! Perfect for a private function (photo below). Today it was set up for 45, but you could probably fit a few more in. There's a small bar there too, so it really would be a fun party.

On arrival, we were given delicious Chinese donuts, cut in half and for some odd reason, small pieces of flat bread.  The rest for the spoon and chopsticks was contemporary in design and a nice touch for people who rely on cutlery. The jasmine tea was served in a traditional tea pot and the wait staff were very attentive in pouring it for us and replacing the entire tea pot, not merely topping it up with hot water as some restaurants do.

Today, it was just the 3 of us, and we ate very good dim sum. We got a wee shock when the bill came £98 but we ate well (no alcohol)

It's after 6pm, we're still pleasantly full.

We feel like we're settling in well to the area .... found our local Japanese (Misugo) and now, Chinese.

For more information, please click here for Aya Court website.

Tell them ms-havachat recommended you (not that they know me, but they might after this)

With friendship

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