Monday, 4 December 2017

ms-havachat has lunch at The Rose and Olive Branch, Virginia Waters

I've driven past this quaint pub so many times, but never thought to check it out until today when a friend made a group booking for lunch.

The Rose and Olive Branch, on Callow Hill is like stepping back in time into a quintessential local pub, frequented by the same old timers, at the same time every day for years. Even the carpet oozes old-world charm!

Who knew this small, quaint local pub, on a backroad in Virginia Waters had such an incredible history?!?!?!?!?

"Once an old beer and cider house , this Inn is between 200-250 years old and stand on what used to the the Crossroads at the foot of a hill in Windsor Great Park. This hill was known then as Gallow Hill on top of which stood at Gibbet, which was seldom inhabited those days, bot over the years has been corrupted to Callow Hill.

Like all old houses, during the Civil War in the 17th century, the Royalist and Cromwellian  forces met here to sign a Treaty, upon completion of which the leader of hte Roundheads presented the elder of the Cavaliers with an Olive Branch as a symbol of peace, and received in return a Red Rose. It was from this event that this Inn derived its name and it's believed to be the only of one of this name in England.

In our sign can be seen the Roundhead presenting the Cavlier with the Olive Branch and receiving in return the Red Rose. Whilst in the background  the rival forces are signing the treaty outside the Inn at the Crossroads."

An historic story told in a simple pub sign

The pub has a reputation is for serving 'great pies' and from the looks of them coming from the kitchen, and the smiling faces on friends, we'll be back to try them! I really enjoyed my baked salmon fillet and chips (real ol' fashion, pub chips), while the BLT, mushroom and chicken filo and other meals looked and smelled delicious. Interesting to note there is a gluten free menu.

Food and Food related signage

Ol' world charm interior

We had a lovely lunch and a good chat over good, simple food.

For more information, check out their website

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